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Gloomy Wizard EP
December 2015
Released: 2015, don't have one
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Hailing from Trójmiasto Poland; Hellvoid are a mix of doom and stoner metal, with a slight bit of funk added in for good measure. The band was conceived by Maciej Bardo a few years ago and has matured over time, to become what is now Hellvoid. They described their music as bass roll, as they only use bass guitars. It is a solid sound, which has a lot to offer as it thunders through your ears.

EP opener "Broken Glass" has a bass line which thunders with power and intensity, as the fat chords bellow out. It almost feels dirty in its sound, with how they allow the notes to play out. The vocals are gritty which works well with the sludge doom feel of the song; balanced out with some playful funk twists. "Decapitated" continues well with a blues style intro, that has a gruff vocal style from Mateusz Karsznia "Mateo" over the bass. It reminds me of the soulful blues feeling of bands from New Orleans like Down.

Title track "Gloomy Wizard" has an atmospheric sample mixed intro with distortion that gives it a very unique sound. Slow and sludgy drumming from Krystian Wejda "Iron", that builds into a tempo that leads us to the awesome instrumental. The later part of the EP has a slightly different feel starting with "Learn from this Mistake", the lighter sound has almost a western vibe with an acoustic sounding bass. This is an easily accessible song for understanding the lyrics, if you don't enjoy the growls all the time. It ends with another superb bass guitar solo. "Rehab" again is a lighter song, which is ok.

I felt the first half of the EP had more to offer in terms of texture and depth, the bass truly drives the sound and it gets kind of lost in the last two songs. Not that they are bad by any measure, it's that they didn't keep the vibe that I really dug about the EP. Maciej Bardo and Jakub Szwemin's bass lines, combined with Krystian Wejda "Iron" drums are a solid force, making "Gloomy Wizard" a superb listen.

By Joanna Wilson
Track Listing

1. Decapitated
2. Broken Glass
3. Rehab
4. Gloomy Wizard
5. Bonus Track: Learn From This Mistake


Mateusz Karsznia "Mateo" - voc
Maciej Bardo - bass
Jakub Szwemin - bass
Krystian Wejda "Iron" - drums


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