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In the Glory of Heroes
April 2007
Released: 2006, Pulverised Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Kinda interesting... I´ve never heard this Polish one-man Black Metal band called Hellveto before. As for some sort of record, this ´band´ has already recorded 10 full-length albums - 4 of them have already been recorded this year! Huh, now that’s quite damn impressive, isn’t it? A couple of split-LPs, a handful of demos during its 12 years of existence, so you cannot really blame the band for a lack of making noise, can you?

A guy named L.O.N. is behind this ´orchestral Pagan Metal´ creation, and he does EVERYTHING from start to finish by himself. He plays all the instruments and is the genius mastermind behind Hellveto. Now keeping these tiny, but still somewhat remarkable details in our minds, in my humble opinion the guy is pretty damn talented at what he does. There’s a lot of atmosphere, soundtrack elements, a nice balance between aggressive Black Metal outbursts and more melodic and harmonic parts, lots of different instrumentation involved in this recording that make the whole outcome to sound relatively big. It sounds like there could be a whole lot more musicians behind Hellveto. To me, Hellveto kind of reminds me a bit of bands like early Moonsorrow, early Graveland, and Summoning if some of you need some references. What I find great about this record is that L.O.N. uses lots of acoustic passages in his songs that bring in a welcomed breath of beautiful harmonies - added with all kinds of other instruments (piano, keyboard, etc.) by which he obviously wants to create kind of an epic and majestic scenery behind the songs on IN THE GLORY... L.O.N. is a damn talented multi-instrumentalist, his techniques are almost on an enviable level and what’s best, he doesn’t hesitate to show what he can create.

If ´orchestral Pagan Metal´ always sounds this good, then I think I never want stop listening. IN THE GLORY OF HEROES has all the needed elements to become one of the most classic albums of this whole Pagan Metal genre. What an impressive release this truly is!
Track Listing

01. One Day from Medieval
02. In the Glory of Heroes
03. Baltic Tale
04. Last Moments...
05. In the Depth of Red Sky
06. Thousand Years of Slavery
07. My Hymn from Carpathian Mountains


L.O.N. - All instruments

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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