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Rabbit Don`t Come Easy
July 2003
Released: 2003, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

This review will be short and sweet and in a sense more of a quick opinion piece that a critical, in-depth analysis. Since it is such a monumental event in the metal community when these pumpkins release a disc, RABBIT has already been reviewed, dissected and analyzed to death. So basically is my two cents.

A brilliant return to form!! After the disappointing Dark Ride, the band regroup, return and do what they do best. There has been a large amount of discussion about the membership changes, the conflicts, and so on but that has been effectively silenced. While I was quite pleased with Masterplan’s initial offering, RABBIT blows it away.

Every element of classic Helloween is in place, pummeling double kick drums, soaring vocals, riffs aplenty, hooky harmonious songs, giant sing-along choruses, basically every element that made Helloween who they are today. They have fully re-embraced who they are and come out with a storming album.

Some people may not get the quirky sense of humour that the band possesses in terms of lyrics, titles, presentation but I get it and I like it. Some fans are living in the past and still pining for the return of Kiske. Well, it ain’t gonna happen and Deris, approaching 10+ years in the band, is THE voice of Helloween. I find his voice to be more dynamic and expressive even if he can’t hit and hold those crystal clear high notes.

In conclusion, another triumph from the innovators that are rightfully credited with being instrumental in pioneering a genre that in my mind has all the characteristic for flawless heavy metal. One of my favorite bands of all time did not disappoint and the four-year wait, (after what most fans considered a failed experiment with The Dark Ride) was worth it.
Track Listing

1. Just A Little Sign
2. Open Your Life
3. The Tune
4. Never Be A Star
5. Liar
6. Sun 4 The World
7. Don't Stop Being Crazy
8. Do You Feel Good
9. Hell Was Made In Heaven
10. Back Against The Wall
11. Listen To The Flies
12. Nothing To Say


Andi Deris-Vocals
Michael Weikath-Guitar
Sascha Gerstner-Guitar
Markus Grosskopf-Bass
Mickey Dee-Drums (guest)



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