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Hellish Videos: The Complete Video Collection (DVD)
October 2005
Released: 2005, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Helloween, one of the bands responsible for power metal, has finally released a DVD containing all their promotional videos. Vocalist Andi Deris compiled the collection which will no doubt be highly regarded by Helloween freaks. The compilation is not something for a casual fan as it is basically a bare bones release.

Beyond the videos there are no interviews and the bonus material is minimal consisting of a not so live video for “Hey Lord” and a photo gallery. While watching these videos I was reminded of just how much the band sucked after the second Keeper album and how ground breaking they were when watching the video for "Halloween". The videos following the post-Keeper era are as bad as the pop they attempted. Once Andi Deris joined the band things got back on track. It’s too bad the band didn’t make a couple more videos from their recent albums! If you haven’t bought a Helloween DVD, the one to get is “Helloween: High Live”. This release is for die-hard collector fans who want to complete their collections by having a copy of all the videos the band has done to date.

I wish the videos would of been the bonus material and the guts of the DVD would of been a live show form the RABBIT DON’T COME EASY tour along with a load of historical footage of the band including live songs and videos. Now that would be a DVD worthy of the Helloween legacy!
Track Listing

1. Halloween
2. I Want Out
3. Kids of the Century
4. When the Sinner
5. Mr. Ego
6. Where the Rain Grows
7. Perfect Gentleman
8. Power
9. The Time of the Oath
10. Forever and One
11. I Can
12. If I Could Fly
13. Just A Little Sign


Andi Deris - vocals
Markus Grosskopf - bass
Michael Weikath - guitars
Sascha Gerstner - guitars
Dani Löble -drums
Friedl Amon - keyboards

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