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Hellish Crossfire
Bloodrust Scythe
March 2010
Released: 2010, I Hate Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This young German act Hellish Crossfire came really from behind the woods to me... Had my first listen to the band´s 2nd album just yesterday, I was pretty much blown away right after the 1st song, "Night of the Possessed" started to come out from the speakers.

Hellish Crossfire plays a raw, fast and straightforward old school thrash akin to early Slayer, early Sodom, early Kreator, Possessed and Venom, with such sheer ferocity, intensity and underground vibe that it makes you wish it was the 80s underground metal scene again when the best whatever-metal band discoveries were made through the underground tape trading scene back in those days. This hellish German horde would certainly have been one of them, not a slightest doubt about that!

Hellish Crossfire´s musical palette on the band´s 2nd album, BLOODRUST SCYTHE, contains mostly the kind of violent, turbulent-like thrashing rage that at least metaphorically speaking, causes similar type of effect to its listeners how an F5 class tornado wrecks big buildings to pieces. Call it total annihilation, or true whirlwind of terror and havoc. These young 4 German thrashers show or give no mercy but determinedly come and nail us to the floor with their fully nail-covered wristbands and belts, bursting with rage - and shooting a broadside of filthy and poisonous thrash toward all of our direction. Vocalist ´Iron Tyrant´ also must be Jeff Becerra of Possessed´s evil son or something; so similar his voice tends to remind of Jeff´s. He´s simply just great.

Big hailz to the Swedish cult underground label I Hate Records by understanding the value of this amazing German blackened thrash act. Now let us all taste their fire!
Track Listing

01. Night of the Possessed
02. Black Injection
03. ... Of Slaying Grounds
04. Into the Old and Evil
05. Orgasmic Rush
06. Speed Hunter
07. At the Edge of Total
08. Too Tough to Die


Iron Tyrant - Vocals
Iron Incubus - Guitar
Sick - Bass
Evil Possessor - Drums

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