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Requiem For My Bride
May 2006
Released: 2005, Sonic Age Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

In my experience with metal, and music in general, most non-native English speaking bands who sing in this universal language do so without much hint of their accent. Hellfire stands right up next to Rhapsody as having the thickest singing accent I’ve ever heard. REQUIEM FOR MY BRIDE is a concept album, and not being able to understand them, I can’t tell what that concept is. That’s just the first thing that catches my attention, so with that aside, it’s time to pick apart the wide mix of influences this Polish band displays.

The lead guitar work is quite impressive; he’s a versatile musician who incorporates different styles to keep it far from a simple shredfest. The also know how to utilize two guitarists, at times matching that masterful skills found in JESTER RACE era In Flames. They start off the album in a speed power metal fashion in "Road to Hell" before switching to some dark Nevermore style stuff. They try a little prog too, sometimes combining all of that into one song, like "Needle Dance." And here’s the thing about the vocals: the singing is more like yelling, as he’s doing his own thing from the music most of the time, but then he decides to transform into Ripper Owens and let out a classic high pitch power metal scream.

Though it has taken many listens to get into it, I am overall impressed by Hellfire. There is a lot of talent among these musicians, and even if the vocals are an acquired taste, it’s worth giving them a listen.
Track Listing

1. Fallen Mary
2. Road to Hell
3. The House
4. Needle Dance
5. Twist of Knife
6. Wired Tale/Deadly Lullaby
7. Insidious Treat
8. Defection
9. ...the Answer


Artur Grabowski - guitar
Tomasz Twardowski - vocals
Kuba Olejnik - guitar
Grezgorz Olejnik - drums

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