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March 2006
Released: 2006, Deviance Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Hellthrashing blackened Thrash´n´Roll up next... You love bands like Motörhead, Venom, Sodom, Destruction, Gehennah and bands that are on par with that just recently mentioned bunch? Good. In that case you need to give a chance to Finland´s boozing, insanely headbanging, dirt, sweat & old leather smelling troops Hellbox who have just got their 2nd full-length ear-fucker out titled INFERNOTHING via a small Finnish label Deviant Records. For curious parties, looking for some background info on the band, let it be mentioned Hellbox´s whole history dates back to the end of the 80´s already. At that time they were known as Nephritis - and they released 3 demos and ceased to exist. The name Hellbox they adopted for themselves in 1998 when they started out as a Venom-cover band. After releasing a respectable amount of demos, one full-length album (SADISTICLAW on KTOK Records in 2003) and doing a few compilation appearances, it was pretty evident Hellbox´s plague was destined to get spread even more further in the future like H5N1 bird flu virus.

Hellbox´s INFERNOTHING relies on a raw, dirty blackish thrashing more than anything in which nothing seems to be holy for them. They don´t exactly rape once already invented musical fields of some of those ´old school metal´ acts from Venom to Destruction, but more like make some wild, untamed and filthy love and have fun with the well-recognizable sounds of their old ´masters´. I find this type of stuff kinda appealing for myself; for Heavy Metal parties Hellbox´s INFERNOTHING is a ´must choice´ for a non-stop play in jukeboxes for lifting up a jolly good spirit amongst (old school) metalfarts; supported by tons of beers in the name of unity or something, ha! I command you next to wipe your jean jackets off the dust and dig up your old school rivet - and bullet belts out of long lost dirty safe-keeping boxes under your beds, boys and girls! Now let´s get thrashed and wasted, shall we?

Well, there´s hardly anything more that could be revealed about INFERNOTHING. If you have heard bands like Venom, Sodom, Motörhead, etc., then I cannot see any reason what should stopping you to get known with Hellbox a bit better. They reek so much of this ´old school´ -thing that it makes NSYNC -boyz look like Lemmy at his 50s.
Track Listing

01. Infernothing
02. Coin Under Tongue
03. Liarlair
04. Vulture Terror
05. Helldriver
06. Cosmopolitan Cunts
07. Pyronoid
08. One Shot
09. The Fuck Off Song
10. Angeröar
11. Eviction from the Grave
12. Christmas Suicide


Hellvis Perversley - Deathroat
Evil Hellman - Guitar
Hell D.Satansson - Bass
Len Hellkill - Drums

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