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Fleshphemy (EP)
September 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Filthy, nasty and perverted black-thrash´n´roll from the North - from Turku, Finland precisely. You do want to look somewhere else right now, don´t you?

Hellbox have been building up their reputation as one of the most scabby, dirty and mean sounding and most intense black-thrash-roll acts in Finland for over 10 years now, putting out countless demos and even getting a couple of albums out (SADISTICLAW in 2003 and INFERNOTHING in 2006) during their somewhat controversial history. By controversial I mean, they cannot be taken too seriously (as some have taken them, I am afraid). Hellbox is all about stinking farts, bucketfuls of sweat, warm beer, Satan, sperm-covered porn magazines and killing wanna-be kids. And that´s a concept that works well for them, and for everybody else for that matter.

FLESHPHEMY, this brand-new 7-effort stinker from this same notorious group, carries out the band´s concept as a vicious black-thrash-rot´n´roll bunch that does not give the slightest fuck about anything. Hellbox´s Motörhead-meets-Venom types of malicious outbursts are lotsa fun to listen to - especially in those moments when having a cold beer in your hand and dirty talking, preferably with a fat and gothic looking woman on your knees.

Song like “Sunday Satanist” tells about all these ordinary wanna-be kids who have a need to belong to some groups and get their acceptance, so they go and paint their faces B&W, change their school costumes to leather, chains and spikes in order to gain respect amongst these so-called ´bad guys´ who rule their schools. That is so hilarious, but also so true to some certain extent, I think. The band´s tongue-in-cheek humor is just irresistible. Nobody´s safe with Hellbox.

There´s nothing there in Hellbox´s stuff that wouldn´t have been done before. However, I still find their raw, energetic and rocking blackish thrash mayhem fun to listen to – and I am certain there´s a great bunch of you people out there who will also find Hellbox´s dirty rhymes about booze, flesh and leather appealing to yourselves.
Track Listing

01. The Straight to Hell
02. Sunday Satanist
03. Cyanide Christ
04. Gone with the Fire
05. Fleshphemy
06. Jallucination
07. Chaoshred


Hellvis Perversley - Vocals
Evil Hellman - Guitars & vocals
Hell D. Satansson - Bass & vocals
Len Hellkill - Drums

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