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Hell Crucificator
Evil Never Dies
December 2013
Released: 2012, HSP Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

This month I had the good fortune to be contacted by an up & coming Canadian record label, HSP Productions. This Quebec-based outfit has been slowly gaining some traction in the metal underground, and sent me six of their most promising releases for review. Those are: Demonolator, Hell Crucificator, Iapethos, Outre Tombe, Sights of War, and Svalbard. Please feel free to check them all out this month.

Heavy metal’s long history has seen numerous bands break moulds, defy genre, and progress to places we couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago. That said, there are just as many bands, if not more, that love their chosen style of metal and want nothing more than to play in that given sandbox forever. Enter Quebec’s Hell Crucificator. These guys love their old school, no frills death metal, and they are damn sure going to let you know it!

The five gentlemen in the band would probably be the first to tell you that they are not in a band to break boundaries, and you know what? That’s just fine with me. The eight songs that make up the band’s debut are nothing more or less than classic death metal that you would have heard in the late ‘80s, or on any Incantation album through the years. There are times when that’s all I want out of an album, and EVIL NEVER DIES delivers in spades. The songs’ guttural vocals and thunderous double bass assault are topped off by some nicely memorable riffs, particularly in songs like “Fire Storm” and “Bashing Hell”.

All things considered, Hell Crucificator is damn entertaining on this album. They sound like a long-lost one-album band from 1991, and I think they would take that as a compliment (they should). Sometimes you just want an album make your head bang without pretensions and that’s the experience the band have delivered here.
Track Listing

1. Devil Deal
2. Nightstalker
3. Bashing Hell
4. Decapitator
5. Darkside of Mine
6. Evil Never Dies
7. Fire Storm
8. Sinister


Kevin Blackburn Villeneuve: Vocals
Tommy Gilbert: Guitar
Guillaume Simard: Guitar
Karl Tremblay: Bass
Michel Gagne Bouchard: Drums



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