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Human Remains
August 2015
Released: 2011, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Back in the fall of 2010 I had the very great pleasure of interviewing Andy Sneap live on my radio show. As a treat he brought us an advance track of his forthcoming Hell project. What many people who are not in the radio industry don’t realize is that the DJ or Programmer rarely get to actually sit and listen to music while it is being broadcast. There is always stuff to do, cue the next song, answer the phone, file paperwork and talk to the guests and so unfortunately I never really got to hear and appreciate what he was presenting to me. I was one of the lucky few to get a chance to check it out and it went under my Metal radar. Strike one! My second strike was when I got a digital promo copy from the Nuclear Blast label and being totally saturated with new material I did not really appreciate the magnificence of this record and it went into the external hard-drive. Over the past few years everyone I talked to that knew about the bands debut, HUMAN REMAINS loved it. I finally bought my self a hard copy and really listened to it and…home-run! What a fantastic album. Utterly superb.

The aggregate total review score of HUMAN REMAINS based on 11 reviews (as of mid 2015) on one of the more popular Metal databases is 92%! I’m not the only one who thinks this album is world class. The album received top marks in many international Metal magazines and year-end lists. So now finally, only four years late I’m reviewing it (and the follow up CURSE AND CHAPTER) this month. Better late than never I suppose.

There is a really interesting back-story. It’s been told many times so I won’t recount it here, but I would recommend the excellent Wikipedia page about the album for the full details. The super-short version is that after a string of tragedies the prosing young band Hell back in the early 80’s folded and years later Sneap and co. resurrected the project reworked the demos into what it is today.

The physical CD itself looks fantastic. It sports an awesome cover by Dan Goldsworthy who has also worked with Accept, GloryHammer among others, and the booklet art, design, layout and hidden images and inside jokes are all very (semi) hellish. In terms of production, anything Andy Sneap touches turns to gold and sounds like platinum.

Musically HUMAN REMAINS is a very elaborate set of occult-themed songs all joined with various musical interludes and sound effects. The vocals really stand out. They are so unique, the delivery, the tone and the wordplay are very well done. The lyrics are a cut above many lyrics with clever turns of phrase , subtle references all reminding us of another British wordsmith, Dani Filth. David Bower as a bizarre but appealing delivery. In production the band also restored some of the vocals from original vocalist, David Halliday, who is sadly deceased. The vocals remind me of times of King Diamond in the very best way. The songs range from relatively simple, “Let The BattleCcommence’ to 10 minute epic laden with layers and tempo changes, like centerpiece ‘The Devil’s Deadly Weapon’ and album closer ,the nine minute opus, ‘No Martyr’s Cage’. The whole fast heavy , NWOBHM inspired album is drenched in occult tones and references. The individual performances are all rock solid never getting too frantic or self-indulgent but just churning out classic, traditional Metal. This album is magick.

I haven’t given out too many perfect scores, in fact this is the first one this year out of 150 reviews this year (as of July, 2105), but HUMAN REMAINS is so worthy.
Track Listing

1. Overture (Themes from 'Deathsquad')
2. On Earth as It Is in Hell
3. Plague and Fyre
4. The Oppressors
5. Blasphemy and the Master
6. Let Battle Commence
7. The Devil's Deadly Weapon
8. The Quest
9. Macbeth
10. Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us
11. No Martyr's Cage


David Bower Vocals
Kev Bower Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Andy Sneap Guitars
Tony Speakman Bass
Tim Bowler Drums



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