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S.E.X. Rated (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2000, EMI / Capitol
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

In 2000 EMI reissued the Helix home video S.E.X. RATED on DVD and I’m glad I have a copy.

This is a standard collection of videos with a few little perks. There is a discography, a photo gallery, and some trivia as well. The sound has been redone into Dolby Digital 5.1. It is also one of those double sided-discs with PAL on one side and NTSC on the other. There is a single page booklet with credits and technical information. In terms of design and layout it looks good thematically matching their award-winning video ‘Running Wild In The 21st Century’. The video transfer is a bit weak, I don’t think it was digitally remastered.

Aside from the few bells and whistles this is essentially a collection of all the videos from their major label years on Capitol/EMI. There are 13 videos and like many bands of this era their videos are loaded with hot women. It could be worse!

Speaking of hot women there is a single reason why this video has some reputation in the home video world. Helix shot a video in LA for the single ‘Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’, the old Spencer Davis cut. The video was essentially the band performing on stage at a mock beauty contest. The DVD includes the ‘R-rated’ version which his essentially the exact same video but the women are topless, and I do mean topless, whipped cream, feather, acrobatics…the whole nine yards. It is quite the site to behold. We (me and the boys) as young Helix fans living in Ontario at the time had always heard it existed back in 1984 but I never got to see it until later in life. Legend has it that an underage pornstar, Traci Lords was one of the models in videos.

In an additional piece of trivia the DVD also includes the ‘R-Rated’ version of their mega-hit, ‘Rock You’. This is odd because the G-rated version, the one I saw countless times on Much Music, was not included on the DVD for some reason. The R-Rated version is not credited in the liner notes or packaging of the DVD so when I watched this DVD for the first time and was watching the video for ‘Rock You’ imagine my surprise (and delight) that it was the topless version, that I in fact did not even know existed. It was like a little bonus surprise. The video is essentially the same except the women who run the chain-gang in the quarry end up dancing greased up and topless around a bonfire. The video itself is awesome, hammers, black leather, chains on fire, guitarists bursting out of the water in slow-motion…high art indeed!

Again, like many of these standard video collections there is not much for anyone except Helix fans obviously. S.E.X. Rated is better than some collections I’ve seen but not as good as others. A good way to kill an hour.
Track Listing

Running Wild In The 21st Century
The Storm
Heavy Metal Love
Rock You
Make Me Do (Anything You Want)
Deep Cuts The Knife
Don't Get Mad, Get Even
The Kids Are All Shakin'
Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin' (R-Version)
Dream On
Wild In The Streets
Good To The Last Drop
Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin' (G-Version)





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