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Shadow of the Sun
November 2005
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish prog-metallers Helion are back; back with a 3-song promtional-CD that could be considered their heaviest and best material to date. Since the band released their debut full-lenght album titled FOOL´S PARADISE last year, the band parted ways with the previous vocalist Kim Högberg. However, a new vocalist Jukka Salo was soon found to fill up Kim´s boots - and according to his vocal parts on these new songs, he has done a great job, living up to many of those expectations people may have had toward Helion.

Musically the band has still stayed relatively loyal the band´s ever progressive and well-crafted melodic metal, only adding a bit heavier touch to their songs which at least I find quite a lot more appealing for myself, being into things ´a tad heavier´ in Metal in general, ha! ;=)

The opening song "Black Inside" starts off with a light keyboard part, but the song turns out to be quite a heavy crusher with almost an irritatingly (in a positive way, of course!) addictive chorus part. Jukka´s impact on this particular opening song will surely gain lots of respect and honor from listeners- no doubt. The song is ended with one kiloton crunchy guitar parts that simply are meant to mangle your hearing to pieces.

"Reconnect My Life" also keeps things on a heavier side; and credit should be given to Hannu´s rhythm guitar work that keeps on rolling through the whole song like a merciless bulldozer, having only one intention - to hunt you down and... eventually kill you. The song flows naturally and effortlessly, and the chorus part is sinfully catchy again, sticking like old sticky gum to your butt.

"Shadows of the Sun", the title track of the promo, is the most symphonic piece of work the guys have put on this release. Most of the song is based on a very harmonic yet powerful atmospheres, capturing ears of its listener routine-like and easily like an old junkie needs its daily dose of ´vitamins´, and leaving you in good mood for a long time. "Shadows..." is quite possibly the best song they have managed to penn down in their whole career.

There´s still one thing that needs to be said - If Helion doesn't get signed after this promotional-CD, then there´s definitely something really wrong in today´s music biz. Helion reeks of true talent and strong musicianship - and its strong smell should be reached by many healthy noses (read: ears!) around the globe.
Track Listing

01. Black Inside
02. Reconnect My Life
03. Shadow of the Sun


Jaakko Kunnas - Lead guitar
Ville Kankaanpää - Bass
Jukka Salo - Vocals
Hannu Tammela - Rhythm guitar
Leo Kunnas - Drums
Lauri Heikkinen - Keyboards

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