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Freshly Drawn Human Blood
December 2006
Released: 2006, Paganized Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"Paganized Black Thrash from New England..." Sounds quite tempting, doesn´t it? Hekseri (a Norwegian word for ´witchcraft´), this 4-piece blackish thrashing tornado from Eastern Massachusetts, plays their Black-Thrash Metal with such an intensity and aggression that should slave and kill more Christians in your neighbor towns than what were killed by lions at the Coliseum in the ancient Rome. The band has already recorded a couple of demos (RETALIATOR in 2004 and BELZEBUT, PRINCE in 2005) - and also appeared on a couple of compilation CDs as well that have all brought them to people´s attention. However, Hekseri´s recent 3-song output, carrying such a ´warm´n´fresh´ title as FRESHLY DRAWN HUMAN BLOOD, is musically some sort of a hybrid from such bands as Angelcorpse, old Bathory, old Immortal and let´s even say, Fallen Christ (ABDUCTED RITUAL rings bells?). These four pagans in Hekseri put confidence in fast tempos in their Black-Thrash assaults, keeping the intensity level of their songs constantly very high, and without sacrificing a moment for any slower passages. A listener is meant to get tormented and nailed to the cross through nearly 10 minutes this demo lasts... and within those ten minutes, one is about to raise both hands high in the air for a sign of: “I feel beaten down - got enough!”. 3 songs offered through a ´full-speed-ahead´ -mould is what´s on offer on this nearly chaos-ridden demo from Hekseri. If that´s something you are after for, then get iron-branded the band´s logo into your forehead for your next confrontation with them.
Track Listing

01. Freshly Drwn Human Blood
02. Kingwrecker
03. Storm of Chaos


Megan Leo - Lead guitar & vocals
Larissa Glasser - Rhythm guitar & vocals
Jason Cammarata - Bass guitar & vocals
Seth Greenblatt - Drums

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