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October 2003
Released: 2003, Crash Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

The good people at Crash Music have sent us a number of new releases and I am going to do a little focus on five diverse releases on this up and coming label. Enjoy the reviews (Hedfirst, NDE, Throcult, Twelfth Gate, Unearthly) and don’t forget to check out our Crash Music Contest in our contest section. The answers to the trivia contest are found in these reviews so read all of them carefully and enter for your chance to win a CD from Crash!

All the warning sings are on this disc loud and clear. Dull name, weak cover, pictures of four, young short-haired dudes (wearing Slipknot and Pantera shirts and a backwards baseball cap) and dull, uninspired one word song titles like ‘Blame’, ‘Locked’ and ‘Crowd’.

However, judge not, lest ye be judged…so I threw it on and had some of my fears realized but for the most part I was relieved. Hedfirst are a young band from Poland and they present a fairly modern heavy style…partly death, partly modern influences, surprisingly heavy and all round not bad.

The drum work of Egon lifted the songs from what could have been average and gave them a bit more pep. The occasional fast parts, some mid-tempo double kicks decent cymbal work made it more enjoyable. They remind me a bit of bands like Entombed, heavy, catchy a rock and roll vibe but with harsh rough vocals. The last track on the disc ‘Last Man Standing’ was quite a diverse and well arranged cut, a bit of a longer song that fully kept my attention with it’s mood and tempo changes and atmospheric effects, like the gong, the whispered vocals in parts and so on.

The straight-ahead aggro-stuff was decent but I would have preferred to hear more of the experimentation and diversity found on the last cut. The hidden bonus cut was a short tune called ‘I Hate you’ and in retrospect most of the lyrics were fairly negative and hateful but suffered somewhat in the translation. I don’t think English is their first language.

Overall a solid entry, loads of room for improvement, good presentation and packaging and performances. I’d like to hear more guitar and experimentation but I think they have some good potential. Recommended for the more adventurous and curious.
Track Listing

1. Father’s Son
2. Headfirst
3. Crowd
4. Beyond Past
5. Blame
6. Locked
7. Message On The Fist
Last Man Standing





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