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Haiz Rail
Take off Your Pants and Jacket/Hang on to the Rails and Ride
March 2002
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Yeah baby! Rock on! What year is this, 1988? Whoo! Haiz Rail takes you back to a simpler time, a time when partying was cool, when chicks dressed nice and slutty and guys wore tight spandex pants. OK, so maybe not everything about that time was cool, but you get the idea. The only difference really is that Haiz Rail actually has songs of substance, rather than typical party anthems. Yep, societal criticism is the order of the day here, thought there are some anthems thrown in for good measure.

I decided to review both of these albums together, because really, there isn’t much difference stylistically or musically between the two. That’s not a knock on the band, ‘cause both albums are quite good, but some progression will be needed down the line. The band’s style does kinda stick out from the crowd these days, as it’s not often you hear a melodic rock band with audible influences ranging from Skid Row to Kiss to Twisted Sister.

Basically Haiz Rail run the bases of melodic rock, including all of the required bits, like gang choruses, squealing guitars and the expected ballads. Amongst it all there are some sweet headbangers on these two discs like “Stone the Clown”, “Foolspeedahead”, and “Hang on to the Rails and Ride”. Good stuff.

Still, I found that while listening to these albums, I began to tire of the style ¾ of the way through. It’s a fun nostalgia trip, and the band does have some good ideas, but these just aren’t albums that I’m going to put on very often. Still, I know that there are people out there who love this kind of stuff, so I thoroughly recommend that you check out Haiz Rail.

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