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Eternal Sleepwalker
May 2015
Released: 2015, Svart Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Heavydeath is a trio from Sweden who play, well, Heavy Death music. Their Bio has them going back to the 2008/2009 range but things really didn't kick off until 2013. Sweden being the general "hotbed" for metal that it is, we're now to the point where we never quite know what to expect out of that nation's heavy music. This one is a solid, if unspectacular, entree into the current scene. I'd say you'd like this band if you like band X but I can't because they magpie bits and pieces of many sounds together and then they top it with their own original touch. So let's break it down track by track.

The opener, "Ascending", has the first half or so as an instrumental piece. At 3:30 vocals enter and they have a black metal feel with a doom metal tempo. Not much to notice at first glance. "Road to the Fire" is up next and you start to get a feel for where this band is heading; they're kind of a 70s horror movie, fuzzy, witch mass type of band that one might see in the opening slot at a King Diamond show. That's not bad, mind you, it's just the vibe I get. So "Road to the Fire" has some Gregorian chant stuff going on with lots of reverb bouncing off of it. About the 4th minute the band really start marching along and you can feel a nice groove in the music. "Bow Down" is up next with another echoing 70s sound. This track is very dynamic and I say again, "King Diamond opener". On "Eat the Sun", the sound is what is best described as "Ghost, if Ghost were serious about what they're doing...but without keyboards". Again, it's that urgent throwback sound coming through.

The title track, "Eternal Sleepwalker", is a distinct nod to Black Sabbath. When is that ever bad? It's not. Bringing the album to a close are the doom/sludge style track "Heavy As Death" and "Beyond the Riphean Mountains". "Heavy as Death" breaks off into a riff reminiscent of Morbid Angel before a chanting chorus takes over. "Riphean Mountains" is the only true letdown of the bunch as it's a 7:50 instrumental outro that really doesn't add anything to the mix. Perhaps something "churchy" would have livened or deadened the place up a bit?

All in all, a solid crack at something a little different than the norm. It's going to sound familiar in parts but there's enough originality to have the album stand on its own merit. It's not an album of the year but it's a welcomed addition to any metal collection.

Review By: Chris Marsh
Track Listing

02_Road to the Fire
03_Bow Down
04_Eat the Sun
05_Eternal Sleepwalker
06_Heavy as Death
07_Beyond the Riphean Mountains


Johan Bäckman – electric bass guitar
Daniel Moilanen – drums
Nicklas Rudolfsson – electric guitar, vocals

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