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Heavens Gate
Best For Sale!
July 2015
Released: 2015, Limb Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This month I noticed that the French band Elvenstorm released a four song EP that included a Heavens Gate cover from their 1989 debut album IN CONTROL. That was cool and obscure choice that caught my eye because I really enjoy the band. My esteemed colleague Waspman, wrote a good review of the new Elvenstorm EP this month (July 2015) and in his review he said the Heavens Gate track caught his ear.

Also this month, I was very pleased to learn that one of my favourite labels of all time (Limb Records) has acquired the rights to some Heavens Gate albums and have released a best of compilation called, BEST FOR SALE! Normally I would not spend too much time reviewing a compilation but since I have always championed them, I felt it important to bring some more exposure to his excellent band. In fact, one of the very first reviews I ever wrote for Metal-Rules back in October 2001 was of the second Heavens Gate album LIVIN` IN HYSTERIA which I gave a perfect score too and I still enjoy to this very day.

BEST FOR SALE is a simple 18-track compilation spanning their entire career which really only ran for about 10 years. The songs span all five studio albums and one EP. Unfortunately, there is no rare or unreleased material however, all of the songs have been re-mastered. If you buy it on-line there are a few more bonus tracks. BEST FOR SALE! in my mind, is 18 cuts of pure traditional/power Power Metal bliss bring back great memories. In terms of compilations it is pretty standard, although hit does have nice cover art that pays tribute to the earlier albums cover art and the title is a play on words with references to past albums HELL FOR SALE! (1992) and LIVE FOR SALE! (1993). I would give most generic collections with no rare or unreleased material a lower score but I’m artificially inflating the score of this collection due to my love of the band.

I hope this sells well enough to generate enough interest to perhaps have Limb reissue the entire back catalogue. It may not matter to me as much (unless they are loaded with bonus tracks!) I own everything they have done but a cool reissue campaign would bring broader attention to this under-rated German Power Metal act. Yes, I called them an under-rated and deliberately used the overused term ‘under-rated'. If you have not checked out Heavens Gate this is the perfect opportunity to explore this great band at a great price instead of paying huge dollars for the out-of-print and increasingly rare and valuable studio albums.
Track Listing

1. In Control
2. Surrender
3. Tyrants
4. Path of Glory
5. Touch the Light
6. Livin' in Hysteria
7. We Got the Time
8. The Neverending Fire
9. Flashes
10. Best Days of My Life
11. Gate of Heaven
12. Under Fire
13. White Evil
14. Rising Sun
15. He's the Man
16. Planet Earth
17. On the Edge
18. Noah's Dream





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