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Heavens Decay
The Great Void Of Mystery
March 2017
Released: 2016, Chaos Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

In our quest to scour the underground we at occasionally come across interesting bands that seem to appear out of nowhere. I listened to the debut album THE GREAT VOID OF MYSTERY and was suitably impressed, enough to take the time to put a few thoughts down in a review. As I started to research the band, I discovered that Heavens Decay is made of some veteran Metal dudes which have started a new project, unlike what they have done before.

To get the back-story out of the way, basically this Chicago area trio has members who were in a whole bunch of deep underground Death and Black types bands ranging from Mexico to the USA, including The Chasm, Cenotaph, and Shub Niggurath and more. It seems that Oscar and Julio from Cenotaph (and more) moved to Chicago and hooked up with versatile vocalist Nick Hernandez who has been in any number of bands. These gentlemen who are known for the heavier end of the metallic spectrum have decided to create a band playing traditional US Power Metal. Maybe they are revisiting their roots a bit or just enjoying a different genre then they are used to, but either way, they have done a fine job on their debut.

THE GREAT VOID OF MYSTERY is a real weighty slab of 70’s inspired, heavy riffed true Metal. The nine track album steamrolls along at a thundering pace paving over almost everything in their path. Mixing a hint of Doom, and throwback sounds to early US Power Metal these guys are hitting a sweet-spot with a sound that is really growing in popularity. The album is under-produced, a critic or cynic, might say poorly produced but I don’t think so, the murky style fits the sound of the band. Vocalist Hernandez roars his way through tunes telling eldritch tales of witches, reapers and ravens. In his delivery and tone, I hear little hints of old Rock ‘N Rolf, like he sounded on the first two eviler Running Wild albums, before they discovered they were direct descendant of pirates and stared wearing puffy shirts. The drums are deliberately under-stated as they crash along at a slow to mid-temp pace and the guitar churn and burn with sparse riffs but thick tones. Drawing on Pentagram and Sabbath they mix these and other darker flavours into a bubbling cauldron and let it ride.

I listen to a lot of over-produced, keyboard driven, ultra-clean, hyper-fast, nitro-burning Speed Metal so it is a nice change to delve into something with a bit of dirt...make that encrusted in dirt! Heavens Decay that sounds like a flaming bulldozer driven by a viking skeleton rumbled through a haunted graveyard in a swamp. THE GREAT VOID OF MYSTERY is a pummelling debut, let’s hope these guys continue on with this band.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Born in Fire
3. Where the Ravens Fly Free
4. Thunder of the Guns
5. Ritual Site
6. Witches Pray
7. Reaper in Wait
8. The Exile
9. Endless Fire


Nick Hernandez Vocals
Julio Viterbo Bass, Guitars
Oscar Clorio Drums



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