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Beer, Bitches, Blood
December 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Started out purely as a high school band, which just played only one 3-song gig in the mid-nineties, Hospital of Death never meant to become a serious band. In late 2006, the band members decided to give a more determined injection of life to H.O.D. again, and I guess we must sincerely thank them for doing so. I mean, whenever a crazy and twisted sense of humor, added with well-crafted and catchy song arrangements are meant to meet our expectations about something extraordinary special, I think the H.O.D. team has pretty much got all this stamped tightly on their stuff.

H.O.D.´s main goal toward their 2nd album, BEER, BITCHES, BLOOD, was to create something a bit more unusual that would have contained like 50% of NWOBHM and 50% of thrash elements - all this spiced with their own sense of humor - and these goals have pretty much been achieved on this 12-song effort in my opinion. B.B.B. breathes old-school metal; thrash and traditional metal that stimulates your ear canals so much that soon a wide smile starts spreading all over your face without you even realizing it.

Their lyrics are absolutely hilarious, written in a tongue-in-cheek vein, but however one shouldn´t get fooled that much by them, because H.O.D. have given a serious kick to their stuff, which is - for the most part of it anyway, a kinda mesmerizing mishmash of finely thrashing craziness - moulded together with some obvious NWOBHM vibes, offering an easy listen for most of us (old-school) metal fans. The band´s vocalist - nicknamed The Rev. D, has got a good vocal range; from the Belladonna/Barlow type of singing to a more typical power metal type of singing, and I gotta admit he´s an awesome singer and uses his voice really well - accompanied overall by the tight musicianship the band has got behind them.

Undoubtedly such songs as “We Go Together”, which is a kind of goofy ballad song - as well as “Transformers” - taken from this legendary animated cartoon show, are those type of songs that make you somewhat reserved at first, like ´Whatta H**L…??!” But that´s just a part of uniqueness these wacko fellows in H.O.D. possess inside their band. For some odd reason, when I listen to them, I´m always thinking of an English version of NY´s S.O.D., but only as far as both bands´ crazy twists of humor are concerned. Making comedy and/or parody match well with metal music isn´t everyone´s game as the history of metal has proved it so well already in the past (not going to any witch-hunt though).

H.O.D. are definitely great and rather special at what they do on their 2nd album. Now thinking even closer of their humor aspect in their music, it makes me wish I could see them live some day as I believe they are a lot of fun onstage as well. In the meantime, I´m going to crank up my stereo, drink some beer and thrash a little bit. You should all do just the same, bitches!
Track Listing

01. Enter the Hospital of Death
02. Down the Hatch
03. I Am the Tiger
04. Eyezerbeams of Osiris
05. Hogs of War
06. Kicked to the Kerb
07. We Go Together
08. Death Shed
09. Fear the Ambulance
10. Ooh, That's It
11. Transformers
12. White the Lightning


The Rev. D - Vocals
Dr. H.R. King - Guitar
Consultant M. Lord - Guitar Matron D.J. Feemo - Bass
Physician Shak Attack - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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