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Heaven Shall Burn
August 2004
Released: 2004, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

We all know that the current flavor of the month amongst the many slavering metal labels is metalcore. With bands like Shadow’s Fall, God Forbid, Atreyu, and Unearth all being signed by big labels and selling truckload of records (well, lots for a heavy metal band anyway), it seems that any band that comes out playing music that combines Gothenburg melodic death with N.Y. hardcore is immediately signed and thrust upon the public.

Enter Germany’s Heaven Shall Burn. Sho’nuff, the band combines the most typical elements of metalcore, but these guys just happen to have two advantages over the glut of other bands doing this style. First, they’ve been doing it since 1997 and can’t possibly be accused of jumping bandwagons or selling out. Secondly, they are damn good songwriters and have come up with a raft of songs that kicks the living shit out of just about every other band in their genre.

After one of the best intros set to tape, the band lets out what feels like all of their rage in the first song, “Weapon They Fear”. The song immediately gets you thinking that they can’t possibly keep up the pace, or the quality, for the length of the disc, but the band proves that they are up to the task. Although the JESTER RACE-era In Flames worship gets to be a little much at times, the whole of ANTIGONE is vicious and catchy as any record you’re likely to hear this year. In fact, this album makes a sad mockery of just about every other metalcore band in existence. If you are only going to have one metalcore album in your collection, let this be the one.
Track Listing

1) Echoes
2) The Weapon They Fear
3) The Only Truth
4) Architects of the Apocalypse
5) Voice of the Voiceless
6) Numbing the Pain
7) To Harvest the Storm
8) Risandi Von
9) Bleeding to Death
10) Tree of Freedom
11) The Dream is Dead
12) Deyjandi Von
13) Dislocation
14) Not My God


Marcus Bischoff: Vocals
Eric Bischoff: Bass
Mattias Voigt: Drums
Patrick Schleitzer: Guitar
Maik Weichert: Guitar

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