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September 2010
Released: 2010, Metal on Metal Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

May Athens, Greece be blessed. May us, the metal fans, be blessed. Blessed by what? By fame and fortune? Well, that might do it too, but in this case by this highly talented metal act called Heathendom, to be precise.

Heathendom´s debut album, NESCIENCE, came out 2 years ago on the Italian label Metal On Metal Records - and due to a huge demand for it, it has now been re-released (on CD only) with a bonus track “Haunted in Hell” (consisting of “Haunted Within”; originally from the band´s 2005 demo, but re-recorded in 2010 with additional arrangements) and an altered cover artwork. The original 1st 2008 edition contained a song “War & Pain”, but this reissue does not have it.

Without even missing 1st edition´s "War & Pain" song too much (not to be confused with that Voi Vod track with the same song title), I am glad to get a chance to hear this 2nd issue of Heathendom´s highly acclaimed NESCIENCE album – finally, may I even add. The music on this opus could be described as dark, dramatic, catchy, powerful and varied mixture of heavy, power, progressive and doom metal. It´s very well crafted all in all, and there´s no doubt people will surely give lotsa credit for these absolutely skilled Greek metal musicians for coming up with such a high standard metal record that they have got in their hands.

You can find some pieces of the King Diamond albums from NESCIENCE, but also bits from such acts as Nevermore, Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and Abstrakt Algebra as well. Despite Heathendom´s obvious technical skills to create some breathtaking and amazing metal on NESCIENCE, I think the band´s vocalist Dimitris Koutsouvelis might well be that number 1 headturner on the album with his wide vocal range. He can do his nearly King Diamond type of falsettos well – yes, but so he can also switch his voice to sound deceptively like Warrel Dane´s vocalism in Nevermore. He seems to have an ability to go from one vocal range to another very easily, which is definite plus for the whole band. Furthermore, Dimitris undoubtedly has lots of skills to adjust his strong vocal delivery into a certain mood of a song, making him sound like he could do the main role in some theatrical act - full of spine-tingling moments that keep the audience tightly stuck to their seats.

Picking up so-called ´mandatory fave songs´ out of this fantastic record becomes quite a hard task eventually, the more you allow your teeth fully to sink into the content of the album, in which a very delicious mixture of some certain metal genres all nicely together, shape up into something magnificent for everyone for sure.

A great thing about NESCIENCE is it just never bores you; the music in it is in constant rotation toward some direction, meandering from one peak of emotions to the other – and as a result of this, making it truly worth listen for you and me. Just get this record for yourself – and be instantly blown away by it.
Track Listing

01. Oranges & Lemons (Intro)02. Nescience
03. Burn
04. The Doll House
05. Mirror of Memories
06. Scenes of Old
07. I Bleed
08. A Sick Man's Dreams - Blissful Hell
09. Haunted in Hell Chapter I: Haunted Within*
10. Haunted in Hell Chapter II: Hell Within


Dimitris Koutsouvelis - Vocals
Lefteris "L.V." Vourliotis - Lead guitar
Michail Vlavianos - Rhythm guitar
Yiannis "Blackclad" Moraitis - Bass
George Tsinanis - Drums

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