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Heathen Beast
Drowning Of The Elephant God
June 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Neil Rego

Although Metal in India is still an underground movement, there is an emerging lot of Extreme Metal bands that are populating the shores. Death, Grindcore, Horror, Black, Deathcore ..the list of genres being dabbled into by the bands in India goes on. Among those bands, Heathen Beast have come forth to stake their claim .

Heathen Beast, hail from the Alpha city in India-Mumbai.India is a host to lot of religious sections and when I first glimpsed at the title of the album, I assumed that this album is an ode to “Hindutva Metal.” Boy!..was I wrong. These men brought an antithesis to that assumption.

Beginning with the first track on the album “Drowning Of The Elephant God”, the venomous vocal intro chant of” Ganapati Bappa Morya “, ‘revs’ up a sharp extreme attack in a frenzied manner. The bass rumbles, blast beats kick in and breakneck staccato and tremolo picking guitar riffs punches through. The song progresses with the assault.Signifcant styles lace the song with inferences from bands like Marduk, Belphegor and Behemoth. This is indeed my favourite track of the album.

The second track of the album” Contaminating The Ganges”, begins with a tasty tabla percussion pounding, accompanied with eerie guitar picking, subtle backrgound chant and bell chimes. The song then launches into a volatile brutal ‘presto’ tempo. As per my interpretation of their lyrics , they cite that whether people bathe in the Ganges to make themselves holy is irrelevant ,as they are always deemed sinners.

The third track of the album “Bakras(Goats) to the Slaughter” unfortunately is “wafer-thin” in terms of captivating the listener.Still prodding on familiar territory, like their predecessors, the composition is languid. I did wish that we had another winner here;unfortunately, it was not to be.

Heathen Beast are two EP’s old and it is indeed worthy to note that they are maturing in their song composition process. As expected from most Black Death Metal albums, there are hardly any solos on this record as well. Their strength is their crushing rhythm structures. Carvaka’s vocals have strains of Black Metal and Metalcore . In terms of vocal production, there should have been more emphasis on the quality. Throughout the album, the vocals sound as if they have been routed through a megaphone and an amplifier that is overloaded!

For Extreme Metal fans, if you want to give a listen to a record that bears the new flag of Black Death Metal in India, then I would recommend “The Drowning Of The Elephant God”
Track Listing

1.Drowning Of The Elephant God
2.Contaminating The Ganges
3.Bakras To Slaughter


Carvaka - Vocals/Guitars
Samkhya - Bass
Mimamsa – Drums

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