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Blueprint For Disaster
February 2006
Released: 2005, Casket Records
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: Pataklysm

The only bad part about reviewing for is having to listen to bands you really do not like. Headspeed would fall into that category and reviewing their album, BLUEPRINT FOR DISASTER, was quite painful! I would describe Headspeed to you as “nu-metal,” the kind of band you would see opening a Slayer or Metallica show and just wanting their set to end!

BLUEPRINT FOR DISASTER starts off sounding a lot like Korn. The first song, “A Different Side of Me,” begins with vocalist Connor Emms whispering, then leads into a Korn-like downtuned heavy riff. Emms proceeds with some more Korn-like vocal yelling that left me dreading listening to the rest of this album! I can’t help but associate these guys with all of the nu-metal bands I grew to hate, for example, Limp Bizkit, Korn etc.. Headspeed does have a “heaviness factor” to them but they bore me immensely.

Drummer Dez Wootton was the only thing that kept me remotely interested, as he is quite talented. Songs like “Evidence” and “I Confess” show that this guy can drum but overall, there is nothing special here. If you like “nu-metal” or late Sepultura, you will like Headspeed but if you despise “nu-metal,” don’t bother. This album is a disaster!

Track Listing

1. A Different Side of Me
2. Evidence
3. I Confess
4. The Suffering
5. Down
6. Eye to Eye
7. Hit the Wall
8. Dying to Live
9. State of Mind
10. Away
11. Endless


Vocals/Rhythm Guitar - Connor Emms
Lead Guitar - Rich Williams
Bass - Chris Walton
Drums - Dez Wootton

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