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Hårda Skit
Ros Rus EP
March 2014
Released: 2013, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Finland’s dynasty of metal has continued to grow with a mainstream appreciation for the most part. Folk metal may seem to be their strongest export but under the depths, extreme, black magic is taking place. With the likes of Behexen, Archgoat and Beherit all hailing from the frozen kingdoms, it’s no surprise young whippersnappers such as Hårda Skit embraced the raw extremity for themselves. With debut EP Helvetes Ild showing promise back in 2011, the duo appears to have matured over the last couple of years with ‘Ros Rus’.

Consisting of just two tracks, Hårda Skit’s second release still clocks in at over 20 minutes and due to their black metal stance, this may worry people. Luckily, ‘Ros Rus’ is not full of gratuitous ambiance and instead flows from one extreme to another. ‘II: Glemselen’ is a prime example with an atmospheric intro that continues once the blackened guitars join in, creating an aura Agalloch fans will appreciate.

The melodies are tinged with darkness and just before a shoegaze trance consumes you, thrashing elements take over, with R’s screams and guitars speeding up into a raw intensity. This juxtaposition helps keep the record moving in both tracks, with “I: Skjærsilden” opting for a more orthodox approach of Swedish black metal styling that is bound to get fists clenched and heads banging.

It may only be a teaser but hopefully ‘Ros Rus’ is enough for listeners to keep an eye out for in the Finnish underground.

Review by Lily Randall
Track Listing

1. I: Skjærsilden
2. II: Glemselen


Riku Heikkinen – Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Tuomas Heikura - Drums



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