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Hazy Hamlet
Forging Metal
November 2009
Released: 2009, n/a
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

FORGING METAL marks the recorded debut for Brazilian traditional metalians Hazy Hamlet (seriously, you guys named your band “Foggy Village”?). All English-as-second-language jokes aside, it’s immediately clear that these guys are deadly serious about their metal as this is a self-financed and produced effort. What’s more, although the production is not exactly up to the standards of an Andy Sneap or Peter Tagtgren, it’s sufficiently clear and decipherable that it doesn’t detract from the music.

Strangely, despite their Brazilian heritage, FORGING METAL has more in common with bands like Manowar and Grave Digger than say, Sepultura or Angra. These are metallic hymns through and through, with enough “Hail Metal!” moments to make Joey DeMaio proud (see the clichéd but catchy title track). Get past the lame intro and you’re instantly thrust into the metallic fury of “The Beginning of the End – Part 2”, which sets the template that guides the band through the rest of the album: catchy ‘80s-inspired riffs with holler-along gang choruses, all topped by Arthur Migotto’s gruff vocals (he kinda reminds me of Edgar Lois from Angus). From there it’s a straight dash to the finish as the band pounds out anthem after anthem, including the obligatory ballad, “Field of Crosses”, which is above-average.

In fact, derivative nature of the music aside, it’s a pretty fun ride straight through the first 5 tracks. Unfortunately the album loses momentum with the next two songs (“Funeral for a Viking” and “Chrome Heart”), which are both noticeably weaker. Things pick up again with “Chariot of Thor” and the title track, before ending again with the sloppy songwriting of “The Faces of Illusion”.

All in all, FORGING METAL will not blow your mind as the future of heavy metal, but it is a very solid and entertaining listen. Hazy Hamlet shows a ton of promise here, and they obviously have the DIY attitude to make it work.
Track Listing

1) The Beginning of the End Part 1
2) The Beginning of the End Part 2
3) Black Masquerade
4) Metal Revolution
5) Field of Crosses
6) Funeral for a Viking
7) Chrome Heart
8) Chariot of Thor
9) Forging Metal
10) The Faces of Illusion


Arthur Migotto: Vocals

Julio Bertin: Guitar

Fabio Nakahara: Bass

Cadu Madera: Drums

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