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Haunted By Angels
Season of Death
December 2004
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Haunted By Angels is from Upstate New York and began life as Reign. After a number of member changes they have settled on the current lineup of DJ Breyerton:bass, Dave Derrig: drums, Art McDermott: guitar, Andy Wheeler: guitar and Jane Evil on vocals. With this new line-up they set out to record their first CD and what we have from the fruits of their labours is SEASON OF DEATH.

After the first couple of spins of the CD the bands sound was hard to pigeonhole. Throughout the disc the bands using a very chugging guitar sound but for those you who are thinking Pantera forget it. The songs themselves are more along the lines of traditional metal. Vocalist Jane Evil makes the sound recognizable right away on the opening track “Fallen Angel”. The guitar chugga chugga on this song reminds me greatly of Fear Factory’s “Replica”. The simlilarity stops when the singing starts. Jane Evil uses her understated voice to full effect on this song as she sets a sombre atmosphere that is almost at odds with overbearing guitars. This song grew on me after repeated listens to the point where it was constantly in my head. Up next is the more traditional “Neverland”. This semi ballad works even better than “Fallen Angel” because it incorporates the crooning vocals of Evil with a sound that has hints of NWOBHM crossed with early 80s music from bands such as Motley Crue and Riot. The sequel to this song is “Neverland II: The Overture”. The chugging guitars make another short lived appearance yet the song shares such a similar theme with its predecessor that it can almost be assumed that they are really one song.

The centrepiece of SEASON OF DEATH is the 18 plus minute title track. Its kind of odd that a track of epic proportions is placed right in the middle of the CD but there is no doubt though that this song is the cream of the crop on SEASON OF DEATH. It is everything that Haunted by Angels are: epic traditional metal with a modern progressive twist. It is hard to believe that this song is 18 minutes long as it flew by in an instant. It just screams to be heard and appreciated. The closing track on the disc is a cover of the classic Kansas song “Dust in the Wind”. For anyone expecting a paint by numbers cover they shouldn’t even look here. HBD heavy up the track and for the life of me I don’t know why? Everything that makes the original magical is excised. It is hard to take a perfect song and make it better.

This CD is a grower for sure. After the first listen I almost tossed it aside as being another bland album that would be forgotten in days. I was wrong. It took a few listens but I finally got into the headspace of Haunted By Angels. With that being said I have a few of minor complaints with the CD. First, it’s the over abundance of chugging guitar. It is all over the place and the songs where it is used begin to sound alike. More importantly is the vocals of Jane Evil. Her singing style is just a little subdued. I kept wishing she would just cut loose but she kept her voice in basically crooning mode. Not a big deal but a scattered shriek would have been nice. Overall Haunted By Angels present an interesting mix of traditional metal with a modern edge.
Track Listing

1. Fallen Angel
2. Neverland
3. Neverland II:The Overture
4. Autumn:A Prelude To Insanity
5. Season Of Death
6. Black And White
7. Raven And The Dove
8. No Looking Back
9. Hellbound
10. Dust In The Wind


Jane - Vocals
Art - Guitars
Andy - Guitars
Pat - Bass
Dave - Drums

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