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The Offering
May 2000
Released: 1999, Independent
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

VIOLENCE AND FORCE!!! (once again, 10 points if you can name the band). This album makes me want to just go and kill someone…I'll be right back…

Hmm…I feel better now. Now that that is done, I can review this horrific piece of black wind (fire and steel?). Hatred are another band that plays blackened death metal, combining elements from both genres to create a whole new beast. Dr. Frankenstein himself wouldn't be more pleased! This is evil metal of the highest order! The best name-dropping description that I can give of the band is Emperor taking a midnight stroll with Immolation and then getting into a bloody fight with Slayer and Witchery. All of the best elements of those bands are heard on this album but in a whole new way. Hatred have truly hit on something cool here.

The riffs on this album are insane! Careening around drunkenly but intensely, Hatred pour forth anger on every track. "The Offering" "We All Burn" and closer "Coming Of The Tide" are all heart-bursting waves of death. The band just blasts the shit out of their instruments while vocalist/guitarist Tim Clayborne tears his throat out and hands you the gooey remains. True suffering at its delightful best. I mean, I could easily name every song here as a highlight, it's that damn good. The band is incredibly tight for this style of insane-o metal and the songs are quite precise. I guess if I had to pick a complaint, I'd say that the bass doesn't have quite the presence that I'd like, but that's the nature of the beast I guess.

Of interesting note, the band slow down for one track on the album, "Trust No One". The song falls into the "atmospheric ballad" category, with Clayborne even singing in a clean voice (he's actually pretty good!). It's a beautiful song - for about 2 minutes. Then the band return to obliteration mode, while staying at the slow pace. The effect is totally crushing! In fact, this change of pace keeps the album from getting stale and it's an aspect of their sound that the band should use (albeit sparingly) in the future. Goddammit, this is wicked, wicked stuff, just go and get it for yourself!:
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