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Madhouse Symphonies
February 2009
Released: 2008, Twilight-Vertrieb
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

”And now it´s the time to take a tiny piece of red…and start…the slaughter!”

With this short intro speech, the German-based Hatred´s 2nd album is kicked off. Hatred names bands like Overkill, Testament and Exodus as some of their main inspirations, and the well-known Bay Area thrash style in general.

Sure thing, after spinning through MADHOUSE SYMPHONY, one with an ear for thrash can tell right away, Hatred has a fair dose of this Bay Area thrash captured in their songs. Many of their aggressive yet nicely catchy riffs just reek of sheer ´Bay-Area-ism´ - and it´s actually gives one a pretty hard time placing Hatred in Germany because they definitely sound more like an American thrash band than a German one. Hatred´s frontman and vocalist, using the name Bacchus, sounds a bit like Steve ´Zetro´ Souza - and when he goes to some growling stuff, a flash of Chuck Billy´s bellowing bull voice comes present through his vocalism as well.

What´s even better, Hatred sound more outdated and updated sound-wise. Probably – or better gladly, the guys have been wise enough to pay attention to the right kind of production and mood for their stuff, which surely support the songs in a very comfortable way.

The whole album is loaded with a good amount of little thrashers, songs like “Caught in the Pit”, “Schizophrenia”, “Resurrection”, “Madhouse Symphonies” and “Call to Arms”, that all do their positive tricks amongst the ear canals of thrash fans for sure. Then again, Hatred is also capable of doing beautiful ballad type of stuff of which a song called “Gates of Hell” is clear proof. However, it´s not fully a ballad song, as it is broken off at the 3:49 min mark with a punishing thrash stormer again, which this album is mostly all about anyway: Beautifully played and well executed thrash. This time Bacchus makes some screams in “Gates of Hell” that may fool listeners into thinking it´s actually Tom Araya from Slayer who has been hired to do some guest vocals for this particular song.

MADHOUSE SYMPHONY is a great record from these thrashers in Hatred, especially if the Bay Area type thrash is close to your heart. And as I firmly believe, it surely is indeed. Everyone loves the Bay Area thrash sound, so everyone can also love the German Hatred, right?
Track Listing

01. Follow the Leader
02. Caught in the Pit
03. Schizophrenia
04. Prelude[r] -instrumental-
05. Resurrection
06. Explosions
07. Gates of Hell
08. Madhouse Symphonies
09. Call to Arms
10. Walk Through the Fire
11. Surrender
12. Thrill Me
13. [We Are the] Mosh Crew


Bacchus - Vocals
Maddin - Guitar
Frank - Guitar
Hudson - Bass
Evil Ewald - Drums

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