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December 2013
Released: 2013, Massacre Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Danish Hatesphere are a striking-looking bunch. With their modern death/thrash punch raised, they offer us their new 8th album MURDERLUST. Denmark’s groovy extreme metal assault all over Europe has only one name: MURDERLUST.

This platter contains a known style with brutal at times, melodic when called for, but never compromising their integrity and outlook on groove-aligned thrash with death tendencies. And so the album moves along, Hatesphere give you plenty of riffs to head bang and slam to, favorites include the quick hitting stop/ start action of the title track and the whirlwind "Darkest of Forces" that impresses me most with the schooled lead breaks and piles of stair step guitar lines. Hatesphere possesses wide appeal because they inject the right amount of groove without pandering to obvious metalcore breakdowns, and can be downright sick when they go for the throat in terms of speed and aggression. The blending of multiple extreme metal genres, together with sparkling production sheen, gives the band an identity at once current and timeless. They’re not trying to ‘be’ anyone but Hatesphere, and while MURDERLUST won’t reinvent the genre, but it boldly cements its maker’s vicious brand.

In the end, hardcore fans of Hatesphere will like MURDERLUST, but even many thrash fans might not give this one more than a couple of listens. It’s well-made, but threads groung still being done to death by many younger modern bands who listened religiously to early Hatesphere (and several 80’s thrash metal bands have put out fresh new albums in the recent past that were good, so Hatesphere has no excuse). MURDERLUST is a great enough album by any means, but it’s simply gives a taste that this band offer us a solid album from a band not always known for it. They got rid of every slow or boring moments from the past albums, but kept everything that made MURDERLUST good, from the incredibly tight musicianship to the catchy songwriting that they had improved upon last time.
Track Listing

1. Murderlust
2. Pandora's Hell
3. Fear Me
4. The Violent Act
5. Punishable by Death
6. In Process
7. Iconoclast
8. Darkest of Forces
9. Refill the Chest
10. Assassin


Esben Hansen - Vocals
Peter Lyse Hansen – Guitar
Jakob Nyholm – Guitar
Jimmy Nedergaard - Bass
Mike Park - Drums

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