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Demo 2010
September 2010
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Haterial is a new metal band coming from the north of Finland that wants to avoid categorizing by stating loud and clear in their Myspace site: “To hell with genres!” Well, probably that´s the right way to do it even if people who tend to read music reviews may still need their musical references to some other bands´ works – at least most of us, I guess.

Without stressing too much on the question of whether Haterial fits into this or that locker better than some other locker, I would still want to describe their music as melodic, modern thrash metal, with some metalcore influences thrown in. I am already quite positive that many metalheads loathe and despise the term ´metalcore´ to their guts, painting some sort of picture of so-called ´MTV metal bands´ in their minds. But worry not, Haterial has more to offer than a few tiny ´–coreish´ ingredients through this recently released 5-song promotional demo.

Two of the most important keywords within Haterial´s style, obviously are to keep it melodic and aggressive at the same time – and to try building up their songs around some certain, firm dynamics and strong riff-based walls that could reward them for a justified chest pounding eventually. I would honestly say that they have partly succeeded in that already, unleashing 5 tightly played and aggressive modern metal songs – with a good amount of melody, that have a relatively good chance of grabbing people´s attention.

“Burn” is pretty much pure Lamb of God worship, even if far more melodic and thrash-orientated than what L.o.G. has ever done during their whole career. Otherwise Haterial tends to follow musically sort of The Haunted/Soilwork/In Flames route, but with a more straightforward, rock-tinged and more thrash-orientated grip. The band plays well and vocalist Eki can sing decently enough both aggressively and in a more melodic vein.

However, despite their obvious skills to make the ground tremble under our feet, there´s quite a lot of musically same kind of modern sounding metal being produced in today´s metal scene similar to Haterial´s, presumably making their own road a little bit more difficult to stand up from the masses, I think.

Nevertheless, a decent sounding demo debut from Haterial that will probably win a bunch of curious ears to its side.
Track Listing

01. The Truth
02. Two-faced Fucker
03. Burn
04. So Hot
05. Night Isn´t Over


Eki - Vocals
Janne - Guitar
Pekka - Guitar
Ipe - Bass
Mikko -Drums

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