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Origins of Plague
January 2011
Released: 2010, 745 Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish technical Thrash/Death Metal combo Hateform haven´t had much time to rest on their well-earned laurels. The members of the band have obviously spent quite some time together, rehearsing and shaping up songs for their 2nd full-length studio album, which has now been thrown through the doors.

ORIGINS OF PLAGUE, featuring 9 new face-punching Death/Thrash assaults from these 5 furious and clearly talented metal warriors, is a somewhat logical continuation to the band´s successful both domestically and abroad debut album DOMINANCE that was released in 2008. Hateform´s modern combination of both Thrash- and Death Metal is introduced with tons of aggression and technical credits that make weaker hearts gasp for air with sheer exhaustion. The guys seem to push themselves for tighter and more challenging results constantly as far as certain aspects of song structures are concerned. The songs on their 2nd album are packed with many clever and impressive twists and turns that can hardly remain unnoticed. There´s always a certain type of formula determinedly yet beautifully cutting the surface within their songs that let the songs get spread all over the place like bubonic plague. There´s a myriad of exploding riffs and sharply lashing solos wrapped around the songs´s overall hostile nature that not only crucify listeners´ ears to them, but also make them beg for re-crucifixion in the name of an instant sonic pleasure that ORIGINS OF PLAGUE enables for the listeners. Whatever the guys have been sucking in through the holes in their heads while composing the songs for this record, it has definitely given an extra portion of competitiveness to them to take the next step – and kick ass even more song-wise as a whole.

ORIGINS OF PLAGUE is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and skilfully composed modern Death/Thrash Metal albums I have had the pleasure to sink my hungry teeth into within the past couple of years. Hateform set their personal musical boundaries high on their debut album DOMINANCE already, and have securely yet so convincingly enough delivered their goods on their follow-up album that keep them above the surface with dry legs, hopefully for many more years to come.
Track Listing

01. Hate Equals Salvation
02. Foundry
03. Abhorrent Reincarnation
04. Rise of the Deceived
05. Remain Unbound
06. Non Compos Mentis
07. There Will Be None
08. Needles Be Driven
09. Set Out the Sun


Petri Nyström - Vocals
Tom Gardiner - Guitar
Tomy Laisto - Guitar
Joni Suodenjärvi - Bass
Tuomo Latvala - Drums

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