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Hate Eternal
I, Monarch
November 2005
Released: 2005, Earache Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Just as surely as time marches on, so too can we count on certain death metal warriors releasing a new album every couple of years. Ever since his multi-year stint in Morbid Angel, Eric Rutan has been one of those reliable death merchants, both with the venerable Morbid ones, and with his own crush machine, Hate Eternal. Somehow, Hate Eternal manages to divide fans along love/hate lines, despite the fact that nothing on previous albums CONQUERING THE THRONE and KING OF ALL KINGS was new or foreign to the death metal form.

While often dismissed as senseless blasting, Rutan has always been able to infuse Hate Eternal’s music with just enough groove and slower parts to avoid stagnation. That said, he hasn’t really altered that (safe) formula on I, MONARCH. From opening track “Two Demons” to closer “Faceless One” there is absolutely nothing on this album that you haven’t heard countless times before on hundreds of death metal releases. Sure, it’s all very technical and quite intense, but the fact remains that this is just another death metal album.

I guess I’m just on the fence with this one, ‘cause after about 10 minutes of this I begin to lose interest, despite my respect for the effort involved. It’s the same old story: if you enjoyed Hate Eternal’s previous output, you can feel confident in buying this one as well. If you hated KING OF ALL KINGS, this album will not change your mind. Let your previous experience guide your wallet.
Track Listing

1) Two Demons
2) Behold Judas
3) The Victorious Reign
4) To Know Our Enemies
5) I, Monarch
6) Path to the Eternal Gods
7) The Plague of Humanity
8) It Is Our Will
9) Sons of Darkness
10) Faceless One


Eric Rutan: Guitars, Vocals
Randy Piro: Bass
Derek Roddy: Drums

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