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August 2001
Released: 2001, World War III
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Hate comes from a new school of Polish Death Metal where the only thing that seems to matter to them is how much you are capable of loading brutality and speediness into a single song. Everything else is secondary and that's where Hate's main problem lies. As for myself, I have no problem to enjoy 3-4 songs of THIS extreme and brutal shit in a row what the Hate -team obviously churns out from the very pits of their hate-filled hearts, without getting bored - but after that, things start to get just a bit tedious for my liking. Besides, when their songs deceptively start to remind of each other w/ all the blast beats, similar guitar rhythms and stuff, it certainly doesn't help the fact, HOLY DEAD TRINITY will be sunk in a quagmire of average Death Metal albums sooner than they even could realize themselves.

On the other hand, I have never raised my hat of respect for any mimicking and Hate have surely been spending hours and hours and hours again with Deicide's blasphemous art; they come so close to the one and only Deicide at times that you kind of don't know if it's truly the masters Deicide raging out on HOLY DEAD TRINITY. Deicide is a fine band and originators on their chosen path - loved by many, but what do we need another Deicide for?

I bet Hate already have a rather respectable fanbase in their home country Poland - and possibly somewhere else as well, but I don't think they'll ever raise a major storm the way like bands as Deicide, Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse have all managed to do with some of their trademark albums that have set some standards for the metal scene already. Still, they work out hotsy-totsy as a good Deicide clone band for many extreme metal lovers, no doubt! I, however, would rather stick to the originators of "Jesus- slanders" Deicide than give much chance for HOLY DEAD TRINITY for another round though.
Track Listing

01. Holy Dead Trinity
02. No Life after Death
03. Victims
04. God Overslept
05. The Kill
06. Share Your Blood with Daemon
07. World Has to Die
08. Dead & Mystified
09. Enter the Hell
10. Convocation
11. Lord Is Avenger
12. Paradise as Lost
13. Pagan Triumph
14. Satan's Horde


Adam “The First Sinner” – Vocals & Guitar
Kaos – Guitar
Cyprian – Bass
Hellrizer – Drums

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