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March 2004
Released: 2004, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

What is it with the Polish metal scene anyway? This country has been breeding lots of talented acts to the international metal scene fro the past 10 years or more – and especially for the Death Metal scene, bands like Violent Dirge (R.I.P.), Hazael (R.I.P.), Behemoth, Damantion, Hell-Born, Vader and Decapitated coming to my mind in the first cross wave of my thoughts. And now even a veteran Death Metal combo named Hate can be added to the same list who, much for my surprise anyway, have been around for almost 15 years already. The band was actually formed as early as in 1990 already in Warsaw, Poland by the band´s vocalist and guitarist Adam “The First Sinner”, the ex-guitarist Qack and also the ex-drummer Mittloff.

After undergoing a few line-up changes, recording some albums for a couple of different labels, these Polish ´unholy bible bashers´ signed a deal with French Listenable Records in 2003 and the band´s 5th studio album was unleashed under the title AWAKENING OF THE LIAR which basically continues right from there where they left off on their previous crushingly brutal album, CAIN´S WAY (released by WW3 in 2002).

On AWAKENING OF THE LIAR this Polish foursome has kept their old recipe nearly untouched for their hateful Death Metal, still believing and trusting firmly to a marriage between an uncompromising brutality and technicality and it works for them astonishingly well just like it has done on their couple of previous releases already. There´s neither anything overly groundbreaking nor highly original happening musically on the band´s latest release, but as these guys´ technical skills and ability to write very catchy and intriguingly bombastic songs are somewhat soon to be confessed, there´s simply no way you could totally ignore Hate´s ferocious full-ride Death Metal assault. I mean, if you have balls to consider yourself as an extreme Death Metal fan who´s able to find some extreme musical consolation from the direction of such Death Metal troopers as Krisiun, Vader, Deicide, Decapitated and let´s say even Hate Eternal, then Hate´s definitely for you. Hate´s comparisons can be tracked down from that bunch for sure. What´s also noticeable, most of the time an average tempo is damn fast on the album, containing lots of ´obligatory´ blast beat storms that are caused by the courtesy of Hellrizer, totally frenzied and wicked riffs and fiercely growled vocals of Adam adding more than a few hot spoonfuls of some vital Death Metal magic into this sinfully entertaining wholeness. At best Hate are in such songs as “The Scrolls (there´s a slow guitar riff in here that scarily reminds me of Infernäl Mäjesty in a peculiar way, by the way...)”, “Awakening of the Liar” and the last song called “Spirit of Gospa” which sounds like it´s been ripped out straight from Hate Eternal´s absolutely fantastic debut CONQUERING THE THRONE.

As it has already become quite obvious about Hate, these Polish Death dealers continue a great tradition to keep up the flag of excellence high for the Polish Death Metal invasion. AWAKENING OF THE LIAR just gives this particular flag of honor more power to flutter harder in the wind of more successful times ahead of them...
Track Listing

01. Flagellation
02. Anti-God Extreminty
03. Close to be Nephilim
04. Immolate the Pope
05. The Shroud (A Hellish Value)
06. The Scrolls
07. Awakening of the Liar
08. Serve God: Rely on Me (Hymn of Asa´el)
09. Grail in the Flesh
10. Spirit of Gospa


Adam “The First Sinner” – Vocals & Guitar
Kaos – Guitar
Cyprian – Bass
Hellrizer – Drums

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