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The Return Of The Cosmic Men
August 2017
Released: 2017, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Stryper + Hammerfall + Freedom Call = Galderia. I can pretty much end my review here.

But I won’t….

Galderia deserves more than an off-handed simplistic analysis, even though it is quite appropriate. The official (except for a couple of indie EP’s) debut back in 2012 appeared on a little Canadian label Metalodic Records known for it’s obscure, but high quality, international Power Metal singings. The good people at Massacre Records in Germany must agree with the tastes of the owners of Metalodic because Galderia are now at home on the Massacre roster.

I was blown away by the superb debut of Galderia, THE UNIVERSALITY and I said as much in my review at the time. Five years is a long time to keep fans waiting but the French metallions have made a triumphant return with THE RETURN OF THE COSMIC MEN. This time about the band have streamlined their output a little bit, down from a 66 minute monster album to perhaps a more manageable 47 minute, 10 track record. It’s really only nine new songs as they also include a remake of one of their old demo tracks…but more on this song later. I would say the new record is very slightly more accessible, a bit hookier with bigger choruses and a few more gang vocals. That feature, combined with the fact that the overall sound is a bit more in the ‘Happy Metal’ realm which explains my earlier comments of Hammerfall + Freedom Call. Add the positive power of Stryper , throw it all in blender and you have one fun and unique mix. A great example of this is the uber-punchy cut ‘Up In The Air’ with a huge gang vocals choruses with lots of ‘Whooaaa!’ Speaking of epic…Felipe Franco is back with another ultra-epic album cover of the multi-verse… the only way I can describe it.

I really love the speed of Galderia, they are not afraid to just…go fast! Full speed or no speed, these guys just blitz it…like Rhapsody, Dragonforce and Pathfinder, lots of relentless double-kick action, swirling keyboards and guitar for miles, riding off into the horizon. Perhaps predictably, RETURN OF THE COSMIC MEN is hyper-active, shiny, polished steel, squeaky clean, free of any grit, grime or danger and that is meant as a complete compliment. When the band does slow down, the ballads and slow moments as are wonderfully ponderous, soaring and majestic (with the requisite tender piano and acoustic guitar), and lyrics about ‘moments divine’. I was reaching for my lighter when I heard the glorious ballad ‘Wake Up The World’ and I don’t even own a lighter! These guys have a positive mental attitude with song-titles packed with words of ‘Unity’, ‘Living’, ‘Harmony’, ‘Light’ and of course ‘Love’. ‘The song ‘Wake Up The World’ (the aforementioned demo remake) gets not one but two versions on this album, the full-on ballad version and the mid-tempo version. For those who care to take the time it is amazing to compare how different a song can sound when you alter tempo and so on. I like both versions equally.

It seems that 2017 is the year of ‘Power Metal Comeback’ with new studio albums for the first time in over five years for bands like Dream Evil, Excalion, Foglaord, Jag Panzer, Nocturnal Rites, Soulspell, Wintersun and of course Galderia! This album, RETURN OF THE COSMIC MEN may be the one to help Galderia usurp the reigning kings of French Power Metal, Nightmare.
Track Listing

1. Shining Unity
2. Blue Aura
3. Living Forevermore
4. High Up in the Air
5. Celestial Harmony
6. Wake Up the World
7. Legions of Light
8. Return of the Cosmic Men
9. Pilgrim of Love
10. Wake Up the World 2.0


J.C. Chicco Drums
Tom Schmitt Guitar
Seb Chabot Vocals
Bob Saliba Guitar, Bass
Julien Digne Keyboards



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