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Genius - A Rock Opera
Episode 2: in search of the little prince
June 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records / Atenzia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

“GENIUS – EPISODE 1: A HUMAN INTO DREAM’S WORLD” was the name of the first part of this rock opera and now it’s time for the second part. The main force behind this opera is Daniele Liverani, also the leader of the band Empty Tremor, who recently released the album THE ALIEN INSIDE on the same label as this. Mr. Liverani plays most of the instruments here. The only thing he doesn’t play is the drums. He also takes care of the production that is a grand and beautiful piece this time. I think he knows exactly what he wanted this to sound like and he has done a brilliant job.

This rock opera contains almost 80 minutes of music that can best be described as a mix of melodic rock, melodic hard rock, heavy metal, and progressive metal. Many of the songs are really long; two of them are 9 minutes and one is over 8 minutes. “IN SEARCH OF THE LITTLE PRINCE” contains 11 tracks. For once I can agree with the info note provided with the CD which describes this as a heavy metal opera!

Mr. Liverani has gathered a bunch of the greatest melodic singers in the world. Just check out names like Mr. Boals (Ring of Fire, ex-Malsmsteen), Mr. Gioeli (Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell), Mr. Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation), Mr. Martin (ex-Mr. Big), and the only female vocalist Liv Kristine (ex-Theater of Tragedy). As the Storyteller we have Mr. Bynoe (Steve Vai, Ring of Fire) and all choruses are taken care of by the new singer in Empty Tremor Mr. Hartmann (ex–At Vance).

This album is a theme album with a story that is told throughout the album, similarly to Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia “THE METAL OPERA PT: 1&2”. The two main characters that are left from the first part are Genius and his friend the dream conductor Twinspirit 32. In between each song the Storyteller takes the story further. Unfortunately, I have only a promo copy of this album so I’m not so sure what the full story is about or who sings what at what time. Therefore, I have a bit of a hard time appreciating this because I don’t have the real album. I can’t follow the characters in the booklet - something that makes it easier to understand the story to the fullest. I don’t have any favorite tracks since every song is strong. The cover artwork really captures what the album is about as well.

This is an album for all of you who are fans of epic and beautiful sound pictures. Music-wise this is varied and you will be impressed when the biggest names in melodic hard rock today take you on this journey “IN SEARCH OF THE LITTLE PRINCE”.

Labels: and
Track Listing

He Will Die
Playing In Their Dreams
He Won’t Escape
My Dear Son
What He Has To Say
All My Fault
To Be Free
Fight Again
Far Away From Here


Daniele Liverani – guitar, bass keyboard
Dario Ciccioni - drums

Lead vocalists:
Mark Boals
Daniel Gildenlow
Russell Allen
Edu Falaschi
Jeff Martin
Rob Tyrant
Eric Martin
Johnny Gioeli
Liv Kristine

Philip Bynoe – The Storyteller
Oliver Hartmann – all chorus

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