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Genital Grinder / Como Muertos
Split Vinyl
June 2012
Released: 2012, Apathia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

In the first four tracks of this confused album Genital Grinder don’t make their influences very evident. Genital Grinder’s sound is what I would consider too clean.

The best way for me to explain what I mean by this, is to say that 80’s Death metal is a 12” vinyl with a slight crackle and pop causing it lose quality, but add what most modern tracks are lacking. This however is by no means a criticism merely an observation.

The somewhat melodic guitars along with their clean sound give them an up to date feel. They seem to take examples from 80’s Death metal, clean them up, add their own piece to it and then present it to the world. Although they sound good, I find myself questioning whether I like them or not.

The final four tracks of the eight give the appearance of quite severe schizophrenia. Not that they conflict with each other just the previous four. As I’ve mentioned already Genital Grinder have a very clean sound. In contrast to this Como Muertos is bang in the middle of clean and dirty.

The first of their four tracks despite sounding kind of rough is truly amazing. Como Muertos have a very thrashy sound that takes me back to being a child. What makes them so amazing is that you get great dollops of Death metal thrown in alongside it. They mix things up a little, deep growling vocals with wild drums and the guitars giving an assault on your ear drums. Then all of a sudden, everything slows right down and you get these beautiful melodies from guitars and a beat you can gently nod along too.

Overall I would have to say that Como Muertos are the saving grace of this album.

I don’t have anything against what Genital Grinder have produced, but for me they sound a bit too generic. Whereas Como Muertos have a unique quality and I look forward to see what becomes of them.

Review by: Jed Taylor/ J.T
Track Listing

1. Como Muertos
2. El Maestro : Vocals
3. El Doctor : Guitar, Samples
4. El Leñador Macabro : Guitar
5. Gorio : Bass
6. El Satanico : Drums
7. Album Track listing:
8. Sin To death
9. Obese
10. Consensual Torture
11. Green Piss
12. La Furia del Verdugo
13. La Ciudad de los Muertos
14. Demencia
15. Sangre de mi Sangre


Genital Grinder
B.S.T. : Guitar & vocals
Julien : Guitar
Franz : Bass
Sev : Drums



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