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Gemini Five
Black Anthem
October 2005
Released: 2005, Wild Kingdom
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Gemini Five is a fairly new glam/sleaze act from Sweden that started out a few years ago. They released their 7 track demo and the search for a label began. They signed on for Wild Kingdom and entered the studio at the end of 2002 in order to record their debut album BABYLON ROCKETS. The album landed in the record stores in March 2003. The first single out of the album was the cover of the old 80’s track “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) which landed on the 19th place on the Swedish billboard chart. BABYLON ROCKETS gained them shows in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Finland and The Netherlands.

On this follow up album called BLACK ANTHEM the guys have taken in a new producer, taking them 6 months in the studio to get the album ready.

I think that Gemini Five are one of the better bands in this genre and believe they are one of the bands with the biggest chance to breakthrough world wide.

They have changed the musical concept a bit compared to how they sounded on BABYLON ROCKETS, as BLACK ANTHEM oozes more of an industrial metal sound along with strokes of heavy riffing hard glam/sleaze rock’n’roll. They sound more mature on this album and they have developed their sound in just the right way. The refrains are catchy and the guitars are razor-sharp.

As I wrote earlier, the band changed producer from Leo to Peer Stappe, because they wanted a more intense and modern sound still not lacking of instant choruses and ear-aching riffs. And that is something Peer really managed to get out of the band. He brought the band a more mature sound which is something the band really needed in order to get further on in their career.

The main songwriter in the band is lead vocalist/guitarist Tin Star. He has written some really great songs but he has totally failed with the ballads. This band shouldn’t do ballads, they should focus on doing high energy glam/sleaze which they do best. But as a whole feels this album strong and more even compared to the debut.

If they had left the ballads behind and focused on the faster songs this album could have scored the jackpot. Otherwise I can’t find anything to complain about, I’d think that this band is going to gain more success with this album and I only wish the guys good luck. When I hear a band like Gemini Five I’m once again proud of being Swedish.

Killer tracks “Flesh For Fantasy”, “When The Body Speaks”, “You Lead Me To Madness”, “Insane Is Sane” and “Second II None”.
Track Listing

Babylon K.A.O.S.
Flesh For Fantasy
When The Body Speaks
Bring On The Monkey
Heaven Come Undone
You Lead Me Into Madness
Making Love Song
Insane Is Sane
Second II None
Love Venus
Sinners Parade
Silent Night


Tin Star – lead vocals, guitar
“Hot” Rod Teilman – bass, vocals
Snoopy – lead guitar, vocals
Slime Pete – drums

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