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Gamma Ray
Heading For Tomorrow
September 2006
Released: 1990, Noise Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: The Wildman

Classic Album Review

Having left Helloween because of inner band turmoil, Kai Hansen set out on his own, and teaming up with singer Ralf Scheepers, created one of the all time greatest discs, HEADING FOR TOMORROW. It mixes the speed and melody of power metal with some of operatic influences of Queen. Ralf`s powerful voice combined with the songwriting abilities of Kai make for incredible music.

The song "Lust For Life", about leaving the past behind and looking towards the future, is fast tempo number that has Helloween-esque remnants but with the special touch that only Kai Hansen could provide. There is a variety in the songs written for the album. Some of the songs such as "Spaceeater" or "Money" sound kind of goofy but the more I listened, the more I liked them. Then there are others like slower paced, piano-laced "The Silence" or the true highlight of the album, the song "Heading For Tomorrow", which tops out at fourteen and a half minutes.

"Heading For Tomorrow" is one of my all-time favorite Gamma Ray songs. It starts with a chorus of people singing and moves into a little quite piece of guitar and keyboards before moving into the riff of the song. But the true highlight of the song is about three and half minutes in when the song slows down and we hear the tapping of cymbals, background keyboards, quiet bass playing, and slow guitar work. This piece of of music send shivers down my spine every time I hear it! Amazing!

HEADING FOR TOMORROW is by far one of the all time best power metal albums ever made! I still love this album some several years later. The music on this disc helps sum up what power metal is about: melody, harmony, speed, sing-along choruses, fast drumming, intense guitar work. I highly recommend this disc for any Gamma Ray or metal fan. It is one of the few that comes along and showcases what great musicians the metal genre has.

**UPDATE** Gamma Ray re-released their first six albums in March 2001, remastered, new artwork, and with bonus tracks. The review for the album is based on the original disc released in 1990 but the rating would still hold true ever based upon the re-release. Enjoy! ;-)
Track Listing

01. Welcome
02. Lust For Life
03. Heaven Can Wait
04. Space Eater
05. Money
06. The Silence
07. Hold Your Ground
08. Free Time
09. Heading For Tomorrow
10. Look At Yourself

*Bonus Tracks:
11. Mr. Outlaw
12. Lonesome Stranger
13. Sail On


Kai Hansen: guitar, vocals
Ralf Scheepers: lead vocals
Uwe Wessel: bass
Mathias Burchardt: drums

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