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GROMM/Endless Blizzard
Split CD
October 2006
Released: 2006,
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

The fine folks at have put together an underground assault of shrill Black Metal heathenry here. GROMM hail from the Ukraine, and have a majestic, plodding buzzsaw feel to them. Loud and vital-sounding, they will undoubtedly hold a good deal of kvlt appeal to the robed and warpaint-wearing fans of the genre. Its best features are its worst; this is strictly love it or hate it, especially production-wise. Guitars buzz and whir with aplomb, while the fierce (but standard) drums kick the whole mess brazenly forward like a frozen corpse. The vocals are similar to USBM act Harkonin, and actually pretty decent. There is keen sense of melody exhibited now and then to remind the listener that they do know how to do that sort of thing…but simply choose not to—because they’re evil or something.

Endless Blizzard has a whole different feel, meanwhile. The production has a warm analog sound to it, as if it were remastered from a cassette-only release. Compared to the multi-channel overdrive of GROMM, Endless Blizzard sound almost tame in comparison (even though they’re probably the heavier of the two acts). Less epic than their Ukrainian disc-mates, this USBM act rides along on a familiar-sounding sense of groove, with an odd gothic ambience to them. A bit punkish in the Carpathian Forest sense, but with a keener knack for diversity, the band clearly has a wider range of influence than the standard domestic torchbearers. While some may argue that it would detract from the bands overall grimness, I would venture to say this band could be a solid force to be reckoned with, given a bigger production budget. Moribund, take note.

Bands like GROMM benefit from their hardcore-esque lo-fi necro surroundings, and will no doubt please acolytes of that school; conversely, bands like Endless Blizzard are stars waiting to burn—give these guys a budget, and they’ll rock the icicles off any grim and frostbitten winter abode—the potential is there, waiting like Cthulu to devour.
Track Listing

1. Oblomki Mertvogo / Fragments of the Dead

2. Chorniy Metal / Black Metal

3. U Sajvi Krizganoji Sokiri / In the Glare of the Icy Axe

Endless Blizzard

4. Trenchant Dawn Elated

5. Rotten Forest

6. Blood of the Elders

7. Last Frost

8. Beyond the Frozen Gates

9. To Crepuscular Decay / Desolate Assassin

10. Guillotine Technocracy



Nabath - Vocals
Baalberith - Guitars


Roskva - all music

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