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Dolce Vita Sath an as
March 2011
Released: 2010, Unsigned
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Grimlord are a Polish heavy melodic metal band forming in 1999 but despite this they have only released five demos, one live album and two full length albums. I hadn’t heard their previous work so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this band!

I liked this album from the start. They play tight and aggressive with fantastic guitar riffs and impressive solo’s throughout. I loved the synth elements used in the first track but not sure they worked with some of the other beginning tracks, but they soon stopped. I have to say I wasn’t too keen on the vocals, but this album is based mainly on the music. I wasn’t too keen on the ending of the first beginning tracks either, giving them a rather cheesy ending. I also think most of the lyrics were sung in English & Polish, which made it impossible to know what he was actually singing about.

The music really is quite amazing though, with intense drumming and thrashing riffs it’s obvious the music is a lot stronger than the vocals, but after the first three tracks I noticed the vocals had actually stopped! I thought this may have just been for the fourth instrumental track ‘Shade of Wrath Angels’ but when the next song came on, again just instrumental right up until the end of the album, which pleased me! Being instrumental does work for the album as the music really is truly amazing, but having some great vocals over the tracks would’ve really improve this album. I really loved the seventh track ‘Ancient land of ys’ that I thought clearly didn’t need any vocals.

If you’re into melodic thrash metal then you will enjoy this album, but it’s definitely more instrumental which will be appreciated by metal music lovers, just ignore the vocals on the first 3 tracks which sound they come from a different album!

Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1. Dolce vita sath an as
2. When the Heads are Going Down
3. Oh! My King
4. Shade of Wrath Angels
5. Ground Zero
6. Dissolution of Eternity
7. Ancient Land of ys
8. Avericious Scavenger/Panth of Lash
9. Lamentation Sword


Bartosz 'Barth La Picard' Zrebiec - guitars, vocals
(Vallachia, as Nocturnal Profanator)
Bartosz 'Orson' Koprowski - bass
Kacper 'Caspero'Stachowiak - drums (2011-)

Former/past members:
Bartosz 'Orson' Koprowski - bass
Lukasz 'Lucass' Boratyn - drums

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