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Graveyard After Graveyard
Hellhound On My Trail
March 2015
Released: 2015, Chaos Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Sweden's Graveyard After Graveyard - or, umm, GAG for short - have been a busy bunch over the last year, releasing a sampler EP in August, their debut full-length Bagged and Dragged to a Fullmoon Burial (via the awesomely named Go Fuck Yourself Productions) a month later and now yet another EP, this one of extra material they were not able to cram onto the full-length.

Indeed this underground “supergroup” – mainman Rogga Johansson also fronts Paganizer for which drummer Jock Ringdahl once was a member, and lead guitarist Mika Lagrén also plays with Grave – have been working at such furious pace they have yet to find a full-time bassist. But with these guys, that hardly seems to matter.

Their six-track Hellhound On My Trail EP is scraggly, stripped down, old school thrash with hints of death metal in Johansson's phlegmy vocals and Ringdahl's deceptively fluid drumming. It's nothing fancy, and never really pretends to be.

Only “Infernal Catacombs,” during which Johansson busts out some occasionally King Diamond-like yowls, shows much in the way of technical aspirations, and they are modest at that as he merely lets his fingers do the walking a bit on the guitar. Much of the time, he seems content to saw away with an almost punk-rock vigor – though with muscle more reminiscent of, say, Dismember.

The electronic twiddling that is the closing track “Feeding of the Hellhounds” seems a bit superfluous – not to mention out of place - since the rest of the EP is pretty full-tilt and raucous. Indeed as productive as GAG have been of late, it's surprising they still have so much energy. But “Feeding” aside, they go at it hard and fast here and don't show any indication of slowing down, as they are already boasting of “REALLY REALLY cool stuff” – emphasis theirs – to come in the year ahead. If 2014 was any indication, we shouldn't have to wait long.
Track Listing

1. Out to Feed
2. Giant of the Undead
3. Infernal Catacombs
4. Screams in the Night
5. Learn to Burn
6. Feeding of the Hellhounds


Rogga Johansson - guitar/bass/vocals
Mika Lagrén - lead guitar
Jocke Ringdahl - drums

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