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Life Long Days
November 2008
Released: 2008, Locomotive Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Grenour is a Russian act that was founded in the mid 90s. The band is one of the more experienced and skilled bands that has come out of Russia and they first started out with playing death metal before they shifted musical direction on their fifth album titled SHY.

I had to listen several times to LIFE LONG DAYS before I really understood it. The bands very technical and complex thrash metal needs a few turns in the stereo before you can properly enjoy it. The music goes both fast but also real slow sometimes and you can sense influences of such vary music genres as hardcore and light industrial metal. Think Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Sepultura and In Flames and you have a pretty good clue what Grenour’s music is all about.

The musicians are skilled and guitarists Motor and RT have a really nice thing going on between them. The rhythm section isn’t bad either, bass player Slavij and drummer Grave contributes with a solid flow and bullet proof bass lines. And the lead singer has an amazing voice and he shows proof of his skills with singing in both death metal vocals and shouting in ordinary style.

Grenour has really managed to write melodies that are catchy and many of the melodies manage to stand on their own. It would have taken up too much space to explain the songs so I trust you believe me when I say that LIFE LONG DAYS sounds like nothing you have heard before. This disc is dedicated to all fans of complex, technical and raw thrash music. Anssi Kippo did the production in Astia Studio in Finland and everyone who knows of Kippo’s earlier work knows that this person is a genius. The production is massive, magnificent and allows every band member to shine and take their own place in the production.

As you already have figured out I haven’t got anything negative to say about Grenour’s new album. Its fun to hear from a band from Russia that’s as impressive as this band is. I really think and hope that the band will go far in the future. I am really looking forward to hearing more from them
Track Listing

Indecent Loyalty
Addicted To You
Taken Off The List
With No Concern
Away From Now
Finding The One
Off The Back Of Others
The Unexpected
Employed Beggar


Ind – lead vocals
Slavij – bass
Grave – drums
Motor – guitar
RT – guitar

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by Anders Sandvall

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