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Flores De Sangre
June 2006
Released: 2005, Small Stone Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

When one thinks of music from the state of New York, a number of genres jump into mind, from East Coast rap, to funk, to jazz, to straight up rock. One genre that doesn’t immediately spring to mind is down and dirty sludge-ridden stoner rock/metal. Still, Albany N.Y. is the birthing ground for the five raucous fellows that make up Greatdayforup. Formed in 1999, the band has been earning their dues, pounding stage boards with the likes of Scissorfight, Yakuza, and Superjoint Ritual and releasing a few splits and a full-length (GOD LOVES A SINNER).

Now that the band has caught the ear of the notorious stoner rock haven, Small Stone Records, Greatdayforup is ready to take the next step. If FLORES DE SANGRE is any indication, this band is going to be smashing ear drums for many a year. With an overdriven, fuzz-ball sound, the crunchy “Sinner Takes All” serves as the rally cry. Featuring the rough ‘n ready vocals of Mike Lagone, this initial introduction to this filthy shitstorm of a record wastes no time in getting the blood pumping. Over the course of the next 50+ minutes, Greatdayforup weaves a thick, jungle tapestry of insidious riffage. Indeed, the band proves they have studied their forerunners, mixing up things beautifully. Witness the fearsome doom of “To the Limit”, which is quickly followed up with the (relatively) clean and melodic “Check This Out”. The latter song also features an excellent, extended guitar solo to close it out.

If you push deeper into the record, you’ll find even more bittersweet ear candy, ranging from straight up fuzz rock to slightly progressive drone-doom. Needless to say – this is one crazy ride! There are missteps along the way, and ending with an extended atmospheric piece of nothing was unnecessary, but overall, FLORES DE SANGRE is one hell of an adventure.

One other thing – from the cover art on down through the riffs and sounds, this is one of the creepiest albums I’ve heard in some time. It seems that no matter what sound the band is going for, there is always an overarching menace to the album. Very weird, but very cool.
Track Listing

1) Sinner Takes All
2) Taste of the Wasted
3) Another Lesson
4) To the Limit
5) Check This Out
6) Man’s Ruin
7) Twist of the Spine
8) R.I.S.E.
9) Deme Su Coolio
10) Wish I Was Gone
11) Three Card
12) Flores De Sangre


Mike Lagone: Vocals, Percussion
Mike Vitali: Guitars, Vocals
Jay Sunkes: Guitars, Vocals
Brendan Slater: Bass, Vocals
Jared Krak: Drums, Vocals

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