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As Rapture Comes
September 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media/EMI
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This legendary Swedish death metal act is about to follow up their last studio album from 2004, FIENDISH AGGRESSION. If I say that they play old-school death metal and were one of the founding acts of the first Swedish death metal wave at the beginning of the 90’s, then I guess they don’t need to be further introduced. Just as when you buy an album with Motörhead, you pretty much know what you’re going to get. The main difference between now and back in the days is that they have added heavier grinding parts where the tempo drops a bit, as well as an updated sound-picture, but that’s it.

You have no choice but to surrender to Ola Lindgren’s angry chrushing lead vocals and Mr. Lindgren’s angry assault in the rhythm section which do their best to pound the shit out of you. The recording was done in Soulless Studio and the mixing is done by Peter Tägtgren in his Abyss Studio. The production is crystal clear and it’s a brilliant old-school death metal sound-picture updated for the 21st century. They have done a cover of the Alice In Chains song “Them Bones”, which they have managed to make their own, and every song is a minor masterpiece in and of itself.

Polish artist Jacek Wisnieswki has done the cover artwork; he’s also done the artwork on the two previous albums with Grave and here he portrays a bloodthirsty visual representation of hell’s depths, and he does it really well. The cover fits the album like a glove and it only adds to the mood of the album.

AS RAPTURE COMES is a genuinely brilliant album that every fan of old-school death metal has to own. Grave have gone to clarity from clarity and you have to bow before these heavy metal madmen and geniuses that once again show the world how old-school death metal should be played once and for all.

Grave is heading out on tour with Dismember and Vital Remains throughout North America as well as in Europe later this year.
Track Listing

Intro – Day Of Reckoning
Through Eternity
By Demons Bred
Living The Dead Behind
Unholy Terror
Battle Of Eden
Epic Obliteration
Them Bones
As Rapture Comes


Ola Lindgren – lead vocals, guitar
Jonas Torndal – guitar
Fredrik Isaksson – bass
Pelle Ekengren – drums

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As Rapture Comes
October 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

The Swedish long time death metal squad, Grave, have been pretty active since returning to the frontline of the old school death metal genre. With killer albums they constantly have proven that point. AS RAPTURE COMES is the eighth deadly output in a row and no mercy is given on any release. The four-piece continues with their wellknown savage onslaught by kicking off the album with the incredible long “Burn”. AS RAPUTE COME is another piece of slap of the old school Stockholm death metal. Grave have always had a sound of their own where they could easily be recongnized from other Swedish death metal acts of the 90’s. The approach is still intact on the eighth output. It's as raw and rough as on every Grave album. Even though the legendary Grave have ungergone some changes in the line-up, the vocalist/guitarist Ola Lindgren has been able to guide the ship through the rotten to the core during these years. His voice has become a leading part of the Grave sound since Soulless due to the result of the departure of Jorgen Sandstorm. The stuff on the whole album is quite quaranteed, but obviously a couple of songs for example “By Demons Bred” stand out from the rest of the stuff. The Swedish death metallers have picked up rather an odd cover choice namely Alice In Chains’ “Them Bones” to make some deadly handling for it. Of course, it was more than difficult to recognize it. The 10 song album is a metal lesson to any fanatical death metal freak digging pure old school Stockholm death metal.
Track Listing

1. Intro - Day Of Reckoning
2. Burn
3. Through Eternity
4. By Demons Bred
5. Living The Dead Behind
6. Unholy Terror
7. Battle Of Eden
8. Epic Obliteration
9. Them Bones (Alice In Chains cover)
10. As Rapture Comes


Ola Lindgren - guitar/vocals
Jonas Torndal - guitar
Fredrik Isaksson - bass
Pelle Ekegren - drums

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