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Science of Discontent
February 2001
Released: 2000, Candlewax/Nightmare
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Minnesota is not only the home of pop star Prince and The Wild (an NHL hockey team for those not into the greatest sport in the world), it is also the birthplace of Gracepoint. This band was born in rural Minnesota and built a following from a non existent music scene. The band outgrew their rural roots and moved to Minneapolis. In the process they lost some of their members. They recruited some new players and the lineup was now complete and consisted of Sam Van Moer on the bass, Lance Reed: drums, Stefan Radzilowski and Lon Kunze and vocalist Matt Tennessen. Gracepoint went into the studio and recorded Science of Discontent.

Gracepoint have a bit of distinctive sound as Van Moer plays a more funky bass style with the odd slap and pop. No, these guys are not mallcore and Van Moer makes their sound just a little more distinctive. Gracepoint play with both aggression and melody and know when to use both. "Attrition" is a melodic track in the vein of a less polished and technical Nevermore. They hit a more straight ahead metal stride with the double bass pounding "The Gallery". "Science of Discontent" carries on with the double bass pounding with lots of great guitar work and Van Moer’s slapping bass. This might have been my favourite song on the disc except that it is an instrumental. This song just screams for some vocals. Other standout tracks include "Overwhelm" and "Your World" which starts out mellow but works it way to a manic finish. My favourite song on the disc.

I have heard this band described as progressive. I don’t get it. I really don’t hear any progressive elements. They are more straight ahead metal to me. Maybe mildly progressive at a time or 2 but nothing that would lead me to stick that tag on them. What is a plus for Gracepoint is that they self produced this disc and it has great production qualities. Very little turns me off from music more than a crappy production job. Kunze engineers the disc and does a really good job. Never let it be said that I can’t enjoy metal that isn’t of the epic power variety!!!
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