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And Then Comes Lividity/Demo Anthology
October 2003
Released: 2003, Galy
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

The word legendary gets used a lot but there are the few cases where the term actually applies. Often you can read the term ‘legendary demo’ in press releases and bios and so on. Usually it is an exaggeration but in the case of Gorguts their demo ‘…And comes Lividity’ actually is a an extremely well known and sought after demo in the underground. Galy records the same people who brought us the Cryptopsy demo have now made this ‘legendary’ demo available on disc AND added a whole bunch of other stuff as well.

I really enjoyed the first two Gorguts CD’s and always felt that over the years there were hurt by constant line-up changes and for whatever reason a lengthy delay (six years!) between EROSION and OBSCURA. There were also some changes in sound and style which left me less interested in the band. The result to me is an uneven and patchy career that never fully has capitalized on the momentum of the early days.

This demo collection is a compilation of five demos and a live track from 1993. It serves as a bit of a career retrospective and a tribute to Steve MacDonald who passed way in 2002. The CD is in fact dedicated to Steve MacDonald and has a photo of him as well.

There is a note from founder Luc Lemay and a note from Eric Galy of Galy records and about 20 or so black & white photos of the band from across the years.

Your desire for this collection will obviously depend on your feeling towards Gorguts. I think it is a neat idea and well executed on a small budget. I’m sure the band and label know that this release is of limited appeal. Demo collections are indeed quite rare and in fact this is kind of cool because it has three unreleased tracks form their first demo and one from the Erosion of Sanity Session and a live version of inoculated life from 1993.

The down part is that the pre-production demos for Considered Dead are so fundamentally bad in sound quality it is almost unlistenable. The first demo was great, clear sound, great mix and so on, I’m not surprised it got them signed it was very professional. However the remaining 12 demo tracks are pretty poor. The Erosion pre-production tape is a bit better and I’m sure the digital mastering might have helped a bit but it’s still pretty raw. This is for serious collectors only especially since most of the tracks did make it onto the various albums. If you are a huge Gorguts fan, bump this rating waaay up to a 4.5 and if not you might want to make sure you have all the studio stuff before running out to get this. If you have never heard Gorguts, I pity you and I suggest you find a copy of Considered Dead to start your collection of this once-elite Death Metal band from Quebec.
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