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Instinctus Bestialis
June 2015
Released: 2015, Soulseller Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

What can be said that hasn't already been uttered about the mighty Gorgoroth? A legacy that has spanned since 1992, iconic albums. Band and personal controversy, jail time, shifting and changing of band members, legal cases, Krieg, Satan. All have mixed into the melting pot of black thrashing terror that is Gorgoroth. Now 8 years on from the band's last studio release "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt," Gorgoroth return with "Instinctus Bestialis".

Oh and what a return it is! This is a triumphant return for Gorgoroth, combining the raw old school sound of "Antichrist" and "Under a Sign of Hell" with the technical proficiency and songwriting ability of later efforts "Ad Majorem…" and "Twilight Of The Idols". But still being able to keep the sound fresh, revitalised, Gorgoroth aren't rehashing old ideas, they're taking the sound they already cultivated and setting it ablaze in creative fire.

While the departure of Pest on vocals had divided some opinions as to whether the band would be able to live up to their reputation, replacement Atterigner (of Serbian Black metal band Triumfall) is by no means inexperienced as a vocalist. And what he brings to the bands overall sound is a raw, guttural black metal wretch that fits in perfect with this relentless sound the band have developed.

The 8 songs showcase the true talent of Infernus and the rhythm section of Gorgoroth, while some songs contain unrelenting speed, tremolo guitars and blast beats, they are not afraid to stay at a mid pace building the songs dynamic movement, and groove. OH THE GROOVE. Black metal can groove people, and Gorgoroth have just proved as such.

Overall an incredible return to form for Gorgoroth. Stand out songs for me (If I really HAD to pick) are: "Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus" "Burn In His Light," and "Awakening".

Review by Danny Page
Track Listing

1. Radix Malorum
2. Dionysian Rite
3. Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
4. Come Night
5. Burn in His Light
6. Rage
7. Kala Brahman
8. Awakening


Atterigner - Vocals
Infernus - Guitars
Bøddel - Bass
Asklund – Drums

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