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Trail Of The Serpent
June 2015
Released: 2015, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Trail of the Serpent is the second release by Gothenburg duo Galvano. Originally forming as a three piece in 2005, they recorded and released their first single ‘The Librarian’ after which they embarked on a full European tour. Following the departure of their bass player, Mattias Noojd (guitars/vocals) and Fredrik Kall (drums) continued as a duo releasing their first full-length album Two Titans in 2012 with UK based label Devouter Records. This latest release is their first under Candlelight Records. Prepare for some crushing sludge…

Opening track ’The Gathering’ throws us right in with some catchy riffs and a distorted vocal line that is accentuated by passages of unified heaviness. This is a relentless onslaught of expertly created thick texture and interwoven vocal lines. ‘Follow the Trail’ begins with a crushing introduction before calm, melodic sweeps in the guitars build up the intensity and Noojd’s vocals return the feeling of anguish and desperation. Showing further development is the third track ‘Stench of Prey’ which continues the sludgy, thick texture with relentless drumming, fast melodic passages and atmospheric interludes. This is full of tempo changes and Galvano do not spare on the detail. The final track ‘Driven Snow’ is an insane polyrhythmic display of fast riffs, drumming and bass lines and the addition of screaming, distorted vocals add to the complexity.

Trail Of The Serpent is a fantastic release! The intricacy of Galvano’s compositions while staying rooted in sludge is impressive and makes this album an engaging listen. The fast riff-based melodies constructed around the doom aesthetic keep the music interesting, adding depth and providing endless passages that are going to hurt your neck. Enjoy!

Review by Helena Byrne
Track Listing

01. The Gathering
02. Follow The Trail
03. Stench Of Prey
04. Driven Snow


Mattias Noojd - guitars and vocals.
Fredrik Kall - drums.

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