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November 2004
Released: 2004, Morbid Wrath / Necroharmonic
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Oh yeah, I love these re-releases of some classic, nearly forgotten underground Thrash/Death Metal gems generally speaking. The Swedish deathgrinders Gorement existed in the beginning of the 90s when the Swedish Death Metal scene was producing shitloads of international names to a more extreme Metal scene – such bands as Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, Grave, Afflicted, Edge of Sanity, At the Gates, Tiamat, Merciless, etc. etc. and just tons of other acts opening the doors for the rest of the Swedish Death Metal bands back then. One of the most underrated and unknown Swedish Death Metal acts simply must have been Gorement. They actually started out as a Thrash Metal act called Sanguinary. The guys in the band saw their music as some sort of a tribute to their favorite bands back in those days, including such names as Bolt Thrower, Xysma, Pungent Stench, Paradise Lost plus of course most of the bigger Swedish Death Metal names that were around at that time.

A fruitful joint venture between both Morbid Wrath and Necroharmonic Productions has finally resulted in this piece of Swedish Death Metal history, covering the whole Gorement story nicely in the very same package. I mean, you get Gorement´s rare 10-track first & last album ENDING QUEST (originally on German Inline in ´94, limited to 1000 copies only), a 3-song HUMAN RELIC demo (released in ´91 as limited 300 copies only), a 3-track OBSEQUIES... demo (´91) / 7” E.P. (on Afterworld Records in ´92), a 2-song INTO SHADOWS 7” E.P. (on Poserslaughter Records in ´92, limited to 1000 copies) and finally an unreleased song called “Profound Harmony” which was the last recording they ever made under the Gorement name. So quite a damn cool package all in all, right dear folks?

In my opinion the band was at their best and sharpest shape when they entered Delta Studio in Germany and recorded ENDING QUEST (the same studio what the German Heavy Metal pioneers Accept used for the recordings of their two first albums, by the way!). Musically they reached very similar feel like Finland’s Amorphis did on their debut album called THE KARELIAN ISTHMUS. I think that comparison does justice to Gorement´s musical approach on ENDING QUEST most.

The band’s 1st demo from 1991 titled HUMAN RELIC on the other hand, reminds me of one of their favorite bands back in the day – and that’s Finland own ´genital grinders´ Xysma. Just try to imagine if Xysma had been more into sounds of Death Metal in the early ´90s when they recorded their legendary 1st demo SWARMING OF THE MAGGOTS + nearly as legendary ABOVE THE MIND OF MORBIDITY mini-LP and you are quite close to all that how Gorement sounded like on their few releases back then. Also, nearly the very same words could be used for the band’s OBSEQUIES... demo. ´Grinding Death Metal...´ that’s what they were all about on that particular demo more than anything else, I think.

The 2-song INTO SHADOWS 7” E.P. was Gorement´s own PRIVILEGE OF EVIL. In fact, they had more in common with that aforementioned classic Amorphis release than one could think in the first place. Brutal, grinding, raw and melodic... these are the four important and essential keywords to describe Gorement´s world of sounds in the beginning of the ´90s.

The last song, “Profound Harmony”, being taken from Gorement´s promotional tape that they recorded in 1995, was absolutely their most matured and varied Death Metal song, showing a huge development from them musically. So in that sense it was a real pity they split up for good and never did anything after that recording.

But to experience this all the way excellent piece of the Swedish underground Death Metal scene, you just have to do a simple thing by ordering this CD either via Necroharmonic Prod or ask it from a local Metal specialist near by you. It’s worth every cent if only you happen to dig both the Swedish – and Finnish underground Death Metal scene in the first half of the ´90s. In that case I warmly recommend you to sink your teeth into this tightly. Yummy deathly pleasing stuff... ;=P
Track Listing

01. My Ending Guest
02. Vale of Fears
03. Human Relic
04. The Memorial
05. The Lost Breed
06. Silent Hymn (for the Dead)
07. Sea of Silence
08. Obsequies of Mankind
09. Darkness of the Dead
10. Into Shadows
11. Intro / Darkness of the Dead
12. Human Relic
13. Moulder Within
14. Intro / Process of Cent
15. Gruesome Modification of Form
16. Obsequies of Mankind
17. The Memorial
18. Into Shadows
19. Profound Harmony


Jimmy Karlsson – Vocals
Daniel Eriksson – Rhythm guitar
Patrik Fernlund - Acoustic and lead guitar
Nicklas Lilja - Bass
Mattias Berglund – Drums

(NOTE! Gorement had the abovementioned line-up on THE ENDING QUEST album in 1992 / L u x i ´04)

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