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The Chronicles of Khiliasmos
December 2012
Released: 2012, Consoling Sounds
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Bad news my dear minions of metal, this is GORATHS last album!

The legends are laying down their arms and taking a much needed break from this industry, but not before giving us The Chronicles of Khiliasmos and what a farewell gift this is!

After countless releases dating all the way from 2005 and each album has been different and progressional, always testing new sounds and tones, yet keeping up with their sludge, death metal basis, and now with the near release of Chronicles of Khiliasmos this puts GORATH on the vanguard of extreme metal and shows the world the destructive capabilities that Belgium has hidden in their metal armaments.

Now to this epic, yes it’s only got three tracks but what does that tell you? “Oh they call it an album but really only an EP” if you think that then you’re wrong, if you’ve read my reviews before then you should know that you don’t need 12-13 songs to make an album, you just need noise!

Part one and two are a simple 7-8minutes long on both tracks, it’s part 3 that’s the 20 minute long epic!

With more changes in tempo and tones, you feel like its 3 or 4 tracks all rolled into one!

With the release date set, and their final show announced overseas in Belgium next year, GORATH have made their mark on the world and giving us the final chapter of the epic tale Apokalypsis. Farewell GORATH!

Review by Wolf Shankland
Track Listing

1. Khiliasmos I
2. Khiliasmos II
3. Khiliasmos III


Vocals/guitars- Filip Dunpot
Guitars- Bart Put
Bass- Raf Muekens
Drums- BartVanderheyden

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